That’ll do it

Sunday June 11, 2006

I had a lazy day today. Not entirely surprising, I suppose, because this past week of hotter and ever hotter days has just about exhausted me. Although today started out hot, it had clouded over by lunch time, and grew steadily cooler from then on, ending with a series of torrential downpours shortly after ten this evening. From my own limited and entirely selfish point of view it’d be good if the cooling continued, along with more rain. I’m not counting on it. There’s no sign of a general switch in the weather.

The strange thing is that up in Lincolnshire they’ve been having it cooler, and wetter. My old neighbour, G., remarked shortly before we left that we’d brought good weather with us when we arrived and that he hoped we’d not take it with us when we left. I shall call him when we’re settled, and apologise for the truth of his words.

We had the news today, by a roundabout source, that Graham’s bosses have finally decided to give him his own caravan, passing over the keys tomorrow and leaving him to move in before the start of the season on the 24th, when this one reverts to holiday rental business. The resolution of this question is a great relief to Graham, who’s had the problem hanging over his head for a long time now. The ‘new’ caravan, actually quite an old caravan, is in good condition, and clean, and is located a little further away from the clubhouse. Good news from a noise point of view. More important, though, it’s much more sheltered than this one, and does not get so hot when the sun shines.

It’ll not be much of a move, and I’ve told Dolly to think of it as a dress rehearsal for the big move into the house in a couple of months. She will, I suspect, regard the whole thing as a great amusement though, like me, she’ll be glad when all this is over and we have a nice big new house to colonise.

Graham is getting to be quite fierce with me over the question of painting and cleaning the new house, insisting that I mustn’t over-do it, that there’s no rush, and that if the job takes the whole summer it’ll not be a problem. I can’t disagree, especially not on a day when I suffered a bad attack of the arthritics in my right hand, so I’ve said that he’s right on this one, as always, and that while I’ll do the best I can, I shall take it easy. I’m only supposed to be painting the walls, using a paint pad, and the last time I did that I didn’t find the labour much of a strain. Today, though, I’d not have been able to lift a paint pad, far less wield it to any effect.

So it’ll be a case of going over to the house on my good days, perhaps two or three times a week, with Graham joining me on his days off. I don’t want the project to take too long, but I do see the need to be realistic about it. The season finishes in September and then he’ll have weeks at a time to finish the work off, including the last of the unpacking. A week of Graham in hurricane mode is about equivalent to five of most folks, and at least ten of mine.

My consolation on a day when I’ve achieved very little is that it’ll all be over by the Autumn. The heat will be finished then, too, leaving us in good order to get the house sorted and ready for the winter.

There. That’ll have to do it for the day. I can only do so much one-handed typing before losing patience with it, and I need two for any constructive thinking and writing. I shall now make up a big bowl of hot Radox solution and soak my ill-tempered hand in it for an hour or so, then pop a pain-killer and have an early night. That’ll do it.



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