A non-event

Monday June 12, 2006

“There you go, John,” Sally said. “We’ve just exchanged contracts, with completion on the 22nd.”

“Oh, frabjous day,” I said. “Thanks, Sally. It’s all gone very well, hasn’t it?”

“Not a snag or a problem anywhere along the line. After the last one you deserve it.”

“All thanks to you, Sally. You’ll send me the bill?”

“In the post this evening.”

“Great. I’ll CHAP[1] the cash to you soon as the post gets here and then it’ll be plain sailing all the way.”

And that was it. The die is cast.

“It’s a bit of an anti-climax,” Graham said when I passed the news on. “I’m pleased, of course, but I’m wondering why I’m not more excited about it.”

“Know what you mean. Apart from a minor impatience to have the whole thing sewn up so we can get cracking on the house, I feel singularly unmoved.”

“Ah well. We’ll crack that bottle of bubbly tomorrow and see if we can’t work up a buzz about it then.”

“Nah. Let’s save it for our first night there, whenever that may be.”

“Fine. It’ll be really cold by then. What will you do with yourself now?”

“Go and phone the insurers and tell them to start the home policy. I’ll leave all the other calls for tomorrow.”

So we went our separate ways for the evening, Graham to the bar and me to the caravan.

On reflection I think the lack of excitement has been due to the clockwork nature of the transaction. It’s all gone clickety-click, stage by stage, no surprises and, most important, no suspense. And now it’s done I’m minded to feel good about that. We had quite enough excitement and suspense throughout the sale of the Lincolnshire house. Sometimes it’s good when an event turns out to be a non-event.

[1] CHAP — don’t know what the acronym means but it amounts to an immediate, bank guaranteed electronic transfer of funds.



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