We’ll be here

Friday July 7, 2006

When I got to the house this morning I did the routine job of uploading my journal entry for yesterday and then clicked on the BT/Yahoo button to ‘upgrade’ to broadband, having been told that the phone line would be enabled today. Hah!

The BT/Yahoo pages directed me away from the automated process, saying that my phone number wasn’t recognised and that I should call a service number where an advisor would complete the process. After a series of those interminable ‘your call is valuable to us’ waits on the phone I finally got to speak to a human, and then another human, to learn that the previous supplier of broadband houses on my line had only just released it for BT to switch me in to the network. It’s complicated. I think I understand it but I wouldn’t guarantee the depth of my understanding. Either way the outcome is that the broadband side of the line will not be available until July 12 and then I have to repeat the whole process to get things going. Hey ho.

I put the phone down, muttered a bit, and got on with the job of readying the study for painting. Not the easiest of jobs for me, even though I broke it down into manageable chunks. Nevertheless, I stuck doggedly to the task, working for ten minutes, resting for five, until I got it done. That’s two complete rooms finished. I’ll go on tomorrow to prepare the downstairs cloakroom and the outer hall. That’ll be the entire ground floor done. Only two more to go. Preparation is by far the most tedious and laborious part of the overall job. By comparison, the actual painting of the walls is easy and joyful.

I might be slow, but I get there.

A year ago today the suicide bombers hit London. I honoured the national two minutes of silence at noon today, sitting quietly and alone in the car in a corner of Sainsbury’s carpark. A sad moment in increasingly sad times.

It was good to get back to the caravan, to give Dolly a sound cuddling, and to chat to Graham who’d just woken from his late afternoon nap and was preparing to go back to work.

“Ships that pass in the night, eh?” I said.

“Yup. ‘Fraid so. See you later.”

“We’ll be here.”



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