Easy to live with

Sunday July 9, 2006

I feel no need to apologise for declaring today to be a rest day. Graham gets a little more time off on a Sunday so it seems reasonable to me, especially given the state of my bones, to stay home in the caravan and leave the house to its own devices.

Tomorrow is Graham’s day off however, so we’re planning to put in as close to a full day’s work on the house as we can manage. A lot of work will be done then.

Tuesday is the day when the British Gas engineer is scheduled to call, to inspect and approve the boiler, heating and hot water installation prior to adopting it on a maintenance, emergency and repair contract. I shall need to be at the house at the very least from mid-day onward on that day.

And from then on, body permitting, I’m determined to plug away at the project day after day until it’s done. I want to have the house ready to receive our chattels from store by July 27, which will be three months to the day since we moved out of the house in Lincolnshire. Three months of two blokes and an outsize cat living cheek by jowl in a small holiday caravan is enough for anyone.

That ‘body permitting’ is of course my get-out clause, incorporating as it does the return of the heatwave. Other than that, though, I contract with myself to get the job done so’s Dolly and I can move in some time during the first week in August. Graham will spend as much time as he can with us in the house from that point on, and will move in properly when the season ends in early October. To be honest, I think he’ll find his job easier to manage without us under his feet. He’s working too hard for far too much of each day as it is. Holiday camp work, at any level, is gruelling, and by my observation, the managers work harder and longer than anyone else. At least, Graham does, and so would I have done.

I am so looking forward to the day when I can spread the first dollop of paint on those poor, overly coloured walls. We shall be using a range of neutral ‘cream’ colours throughout. That is, an off-white tending to yellow-ish shades. That will kill the lurid colours we’ve inherited, along with the grime, and provide a good starting point against which to place our furniture, pictures and stuff.

Sitting quietly in the house and thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that it cries out for the sensitive use of good quality wallpapers throughout, aiming for a late neo-Edwardian middle-class feel. Graham was somewhat taken aback by the idea but, after mulling it over, he decided it’s a great way to treat the house. Time will tell. Next year, when we’ve spent the winter living there, the design scheme will have established itself and we’ll get cracking on it. Alternatively, the off-white, cream look is an easy one with which to live.



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