Not exactly exciting

Friday July 14, 2006

Apart from the expected failure of British Telecom to enable the phone line for broadband and, at last, to admit that they can’t give me a date when the work will be done, I had a good productive day today.

The unsuitable adhesive used to fix the paper dado strip along the living room walls delayed me more than somewhat, needing repeated dowsings and inch by inch scraping along the right hand wall. I got it done, of course, and finished washing that wall. I was on the point of giving up for the day at that stage but persevered, determined to see the last of the paper strip before coming back to the caravan. Thankfully, they’d used ordinary wallpaper paste for the pieces attached round the windows on the last wall and it was a decent, easy job to finish. By the time I wiped away the last trace of paste I really had had enough, though, so I packed up, sat quietly with a mug of coffee to cool down—it’s getting hot again—and motored back at about five thirty after a long hard day.

Tomorrow I shall give the window wall in the living room a finishing wipe down and then move my cleaning gear up to the top floor ready to do the remaining two rooms. These promise to be much easier jobs than the living room so I’m hoping to get a significant amount of preparation done up there, too, perhaps even finish the task ready to start painting on Monday. It’s a good target but I’m not going to be daft about it. All this physical work and activity has slimmed me down dramatically, and I’m getting fitter every day. It’s tiring, though, and if I hit the point where my body tells me it’s had enough I shall pack up, finished or not.

I’m minded to treat Sunday as a rest day and shall probably do so. It’ll be a battle between my impatience to get the project finished, and common sense telling me that rest is as important as work when I’m engaged on a lengthy project. We shall see.

While working at the house I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to observe the goings on about me. At the back the feeling is strongly reminiscent of Rear Window. Haven’t witnessed a murder yet but I have great hopes. From the front windows I look out over a quiet close with no through traffic. There is a fair amount of activity during much of the day, however, with tradespeople coming and going, and gardeners puttering in their front gardens. My neighbour two doors away has been doing a major job on his front garden; nothing special but there will be a decent bit of green there from the hedge he’s planted and it’s clear that he is a bloke who keep his garden in good order. As people plant small trees and shrubs in their patch the estate greens up noticeably. We shall do our bit to aid the transformation.

It’s clear that British Telecom will not be able to set me up on broadband for at least another week so I’m going to establish a dial-up account on Monday. I need to obtain a cable with which to connect the laptop to the phone socket first, and may well attempt to persuade Graham to take a bit of time on Sunday to trip over to PC World in Taunton to that end, taking a side trip to get decent coffee in Cafe Nero or Costa Coffee on the way. Decent coffee and a half-hour in a coffee shop atmosphere is a fierce motivator.

Dolly continues to improve and I’m happy that she’s now over the part of the moult that makes her feel so bad. She’s beginning to show impatience when a brushing takes too long, which is a good sign. A Mega-cat who doesn’t exhibit some bad temper when being brushed is no kind of Mega-cat that I can recognise.

And that was my day. Not exactly exciting but I can do without excitement just now.



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