This is not interesting

Friday July 21, 2006

I’m getting to be impatient now. This heatwave is beyond a joke. Today it was not so hot but the humidity has risen to the degree that, when I got to the house full of good intention, I found myself sitting quiet and still, and perspiring gently. If I’d been foolish enough to try some actual work I’d have been drenched.

Now, perspiration is good. It’s the best way there is for the body to maintain a healthy internal temperature, a demonstration that all is functioning as it ought to do. When you’re getting older it is something more. It’s a sign that a long period of hot weather has finally got to you. You need to sit quietly, avoid physical exertion, and wait until the temperature and humidity return to something which which you can live.

And I’m so tired of just sitting, waiting, and watching the days go by without any progress towards completing my project and moving into the new house.

In normal times I wouldn’t dream of doing this. It’s selfish, and I do honestly try to avoid being selfish. But I’m wishing for bad weather. I really, really could do with some bad weather. I want it to be cold. I wouldn’t mind it raining. I wouldn’t mind a chill wind. Given a reduction in temperature, a bit of rain, and a fair, chill wind, I could get back to doing the job I’ve set myself. Make myself useful. You know the kind of thing.

Ah well. Nothing to be done about it except to wait it out. When the red colour of the weather map changes to orange I shall gear myself up for action. When the orange changes to yellow I shall start work once more. I’m hoping for cooler times.

Meantime I’ll visit the house each day to do my upload, collect mail and email, then return to the caravan to pick my book up and sit companionably with Dolly, snoozing the days away.

This is not interesting.



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