That horrid pink

Saturday July 29, 2006

The wind shifted, there were several light showers of rain, and the temperature dropped like a stone. Ye gods and little fishes but it’s good to feel cool enough to get back to work.

I had promised myself that I’d get the last wall of the pastel blue and pink room done. The room I’d walked away from when the heat became unsupportable. It wasn’t easy.

My system has been taxed cruelly by the hot weather and it was more by determination than innate energy I got the job done. I had to take several breaks, and I ended dripping perspiration from my brow into my spectacles. But I got it done.

With one last gesture of the sponge, rinsing away the sugar soap, I sighed with relief, and took another break, hoping to find reserves sufficient to start on the first wall of the last room. Wasn’t to be.

I moved my gear into the last room, the pink bedroom, and started by peeling away the vinyl layer from the border around the top of walls, exposing the plain paper base that needs to be dampened and scraped away before tackling the walls themselves. I got that part of the job done and had to give up.

Will power is one thing. Common sense is another. There was little sense over-taxing myself when tomorrow is forecast to be cooler still and will give me time to get to grips with this last room. I’ll tackle it tomorrow. I’d like to finish it tomorrow, for there’s a nice roundness to the the thought of getting the first paint on the walls of the study on Monday, but I know only too well how unlikely that is.

Tomorrow I shall make a worthwhile start on this last room, the pink bedroom, promising the walls as I go that it’ll not be long before the ghastly pink is consigned to an uncomfortable memory.


The ghastly pink bedroom


A more realistic target is probably to aim to get the room finished by the end of July 31, and to apply the first paint on August the first. I’ll do my best. Either that horrid pink has to go or I shall.



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