We shall see

Monday July 31, 2006

I didn’t have a flourish in me with which to mark the last stroke of the sponge as I finished cleaning the last wall of the last room, leaving it prepared and ready to receive a coat or two of cool, cream emulsion. Since starting this very necessary part of the project I have readied a total of seven rooms for painting; one of them—the kitchen—we’ve decided that, now it’s clean, will not require painting, so that leaves me with six rooms to paint.

I heaved a big sigh of relief—I really don’t enjoy the preparation stage of decorating, finding it arduous and tedious in the extreme—and started clearing up my work gear and removing it from the top floor to the ground floor where it lives in the kitchen while work is in progress.

Then, before my energy supply for the day dried up completely, I spread the big plastic dust sheet out over the floor in the study and taped it at strategic points to the skirting board. Tomorrow, I plan to put the first daubs of paint on the lower half of the study walls, presently a dark, oppressive blue, and go on to paint them with as many coats as it takes for the blue to fade to match that on the upper part. I’ll go on to put two or three coats on over all, consigning all the blue to a bad memory. At some future date the room, along with whole house, will be decorated properly; for the time being all I am contracted to do is to obliterate the bad colours and provide us with a clean, attractive home for our furniture. It seems only reasonable to start on the study—it’s the room in which I shall spend most of my working hours for the next few years.

And that did it for my day. I sat down in the dining nook to a late lunch of sandwiches and custard tart—acting on the principle that if I delay lunch I’ll get more work done—and listened to the silence of the house. Then, home to the caravan where I snuggled up with Dolly on the sofa until Graham woke from his afternoon nap.

Including interruptions it’s taken me a month to get to this stage. I’m hoping to take no longer than that to complete the painting and, even though the heatwave is forecast to return in mid-August, have the house ready for Dolly and me to move in somewhere around the end of the month. There are good business and personal reasons to be away from the holiday camp by September 7.

Graham is looking forward so much to joining us when the main season ends that it’s almost pitiful. He’s not enjoying his job at present, and that’s truly sad-making.

Hey ho. We shall see what we shall see.



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