Pleasing prospects

Thursday August 3, 2006

Today it was my turn to pick up the brush and apply the ‘one coat’, this time to the study walls. I finished one complete wall—the longest one—and part of the adjoining window wall, providing a good impression of the way the room will look when it’s done. Very satisfying.

“To be honest,” I said to Graham when he phoned at around three in the afternoon, “it’s going to be a close call when it comes to the top coat. This has already done the job of cleaning up, and conquering the blue. A top coat will add a veneer of civilization, no more.”

“You’d better decide that when you’ve finished the whole room.”

“Tomorrow, then.”


It was certainly not possible to decide on the basis of a half-decorated room. The remaining walls reflect their appallingly strong blue onto the ivory-coloured walls I painted today so I can’t really tell if there’s any blue showing through. If there is, I’ll go straight on to apply a top coat of the same colour, in an ordinary emulsion which is easier and faster to apply than the thick ‘one coat’ variety. I’ve no intention of living and working in a study with any trace of that horrid blue.

Does look good, though, when you stand in the doorway so’s you can only see the new paintwork. Considering the way it looked before, that is.


It does look good, though


I had to tear myself away from the house today, wanting to get back to the caravan by five in time to catch Graham before he went to work at seven-thirty. Most days I leave the house because I’m tired. That wasn’t the case today. Painting walls is much easier than scrubbing them and I could have gone on for another couple of hours with no additional strain.

Even so, if I get a good day’s work done tomorrow, I’m thinking of taking a rest day on Saturday. That’s the worst day of the week on the coast road, busy with grockles leaving and arriving, and if I’m honest I rather fancy putting my feet up. Seems to me to be more sensible to take a rest because I fancy it rather than for reasons of exhaustion. If I do that I’ll not be able to upload the journal entry on Saturday morning but I’ll be back on Sunday with a two-for-the-price-of-one offer.

I am much encouraged by today’s progress. All being well, I shall be able to meet my target date with ease. If I can keep going at this pace I shall call the removal firm somewhere around the middle of this month and set a moving-in date for the first week in September.

Hard work though it is I’m not bored by this heads-down period—I’m too busy to be bored—but the prospect of slowing down and making time each day for creative work in my own home and my own personal space is a pleasing one.



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