Looking forward

Friday August 4, 2006

If you were to stand in the study this evening with your back to the smallest wall, the one opposite the window, you wouldn’t see a trace of blue. Turn around and, sadly, there’s a full wall left to do.

My progress, though steady, is exceeding slow. Not that I’m displeased. Even at this rate I can reach my target easily.

Even so, after a day of steady plodding, I was astonished when, on taking a break, I checked the clock to find I had less than half an hour before I had to pack up and go back to the caravan. I’d done over four hours and that’s pretty close to being a record for me.

I’d hoped to be a lot closer to finishing the study today but I can only work at my own pace. Graham would have finished the room and washed the floor in the same time and, when he has a day off next Wednesday, he’ll doubtless take himself off to one of the unfinished rooms and do just that. Hey ho. My pace is slower, but it is mine own.

So I washed my brush out, sat down to eat the dessert of strawberries, blackberries, red currants and white currants I’d passed on when I ate my sandwich lunch, cleared up, and hit the road. I’m taking the day off tomorrow. I think it’ll do me good to have a day off tomorrow.

Driving back, following a now-familiar road, I become more and more aware, day by day, of all the tempting little roads and narrow lanes leading off on each side, signposted with such tempting names, places I’ve never visited and of which I know nothing. I hope to see them all before too long.

Not just yet, though. For now, I have to follow the regular road, getting back and forth to Bridgwater, keeping my nose to the grindstone.

When it’s done, when I’m settled in the house, I shall buy myself a motoring map of the area, hopefully with Bridgwater at its centre, and start a methodical exploration, notebook and camera at the ready. It’ll be Autumn by then, and these endlessly blue skies will have clouded over and the dry landscape will be covered in healing mists. My new Somerset is somewhat shifted to the east, covering ground that I’ve not trod before. I’m looking forward to getting to know it.



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