Chips’ll do nicely

Sunday August 6, 2006

As I put the last dab of ‘one coat’ paint on the last tiny patch of blue in the study I heaved a big sigh of relief. While there are still some horrid colours needing to be covered in other rooms of the house, the two worst elements—the dark red in the living room and the dark blue in the study—are gone. And the study is the first room to have all of its walls completely painted. Tomorrow I shall get to grips with the top coat, in an ordinary emulsion from the same range and in the same colour.

The colour we’ve chosen is described as ‘ivory’. In fact it’s a neutral cream. The colour of the light in the room influences it and, when the sun pours through the windows, it takes on a gently yellow hue. It’ll work even better in the living room and will do nicely in the two bedrooms that need to be rescued from unsuitable colours.

Our basic aim is to provide a cool, calm background against which we can place our pots and pictures and furnishings without fear that they’ll disappear, fighting a battle against great slabs of over-strong colours.

I suspect that when Graham sees it on Wednesday he’ll decide we should paint the entire house in the same colour. I shall find it very difficult to present a counter-argument, and the two buckets of bargain paint we started with will not swing the case. I fear that they are destined to be taken down to the recycling centre.

Back in the caravan Dolly and Graham were snoozing the afternoon away so I crept in quiet as a rather large mouse, drank a glass of milk, and settled on the sofa to sleep until Graham woke in readiness to go up to the clubhouse for his evening stint. We had a happy family hour, then Graham took himself off and I snuggled down on the sofa once more to sleep for a further hour before filling a large black plastic sack with laundry and go off myself to spend a large part of my evening waiting for, and using, the laundry machines in the club laundromat.

Graham poked his head round the door to see how I was doing.

“Can I get you anything?” he asked.

“Chips, please.”

“Do you want gravy with that?”

“Ooh, yes please!”

“Tough. We don’t do chips with gravy.”

“Oh well. Chips’ll do nicely, thank you.”



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