Keep going

Thursday August 10, 2006

Well, it’s certain that if I were a political or news blogger I’d have no shortage of material today, and none of it on the good side of the news ledger. I’m not either of those types of blogger, however. Not from indifference, more from a conviction that nothing I could find to say would add to what’s already being said, constantly, and with tedious repetition. We are living through interesting times, that’s for sure. The endless chatter of ‘news presenters’ and ‘experts’ does nothing more, so far as I’m concerned, than to reduce the interesting to the endlessly dull.

No, I am content to be what I am, and to write about my daily doings, about the things that impact directly on me, things that I observe with my own eyes and ears. Seldom exciting. Mostly a lot less than exciting. And when, as now, I’m engaged on a long-term project to the exclusion of all else, almost as dully repetitious as the broadcast news.

Today, then, was a repeat of so many of my recent days. Wrote journal, drove over to the house, calling in at Sainsbury’s on the way, uploaded journal, picked up paint brush and climbed the stairs to resume the work I was doing yesterday. Painted two whole walls, cleaned up, and drove back to the caravan. Collapsed in a heap on the sofa and slept the early part of the evening away. Woke, had dinner, watched a tiny bit of TV until I nodded off again, to wake when Graham returned from his evening stint. Determination to finish the job keeps me going; sleep makes it possible to keep going.

On reflection that’s probably the best that most of us can do in these troubled times. Keep going. Find the individual therapy that makes it possible to keep going. But, above all, keep going.

Reader’s note:  I’m taking Saturday off again this week, so this will be the last update until Sunday morning my time, when there will be another two-fer posting.



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