A truer word

Sunday August 13, 2006

To the house, rather late and feeling just a little jaded. Trace of a hang-over, I’m afraid. No-one to blame but myself.

Nevertheless, I picked up the paint brush and pressed on with the back bedroom, applying top coat to two walls and leaving the easiest of the four for tomorrow. I stayed off the plonk this evening so’s I can get to the house early, in time to wait for the broadband box to be delivered, so I shall have practically a full day in which to proceed and shall certainly be able to finish the back bedroom and make a start on the last—the dreadful pink room.

It looks as if the last dab of paint will be applied by close of play on Wednesday so I’ll be able to phone the removal firm on Thursday to fix a moving day.

And that’s where the snag comes in. Consulting his calendar, Graham was horrified to find that he’ll not be able to get two consecutive days off until the week starting September 9th.

“Oh, bother,” I said. “It’s a two day job, really, if we’re going to do it properly.”

“I know. We’ll just have to find a way.”

“Ok. I’ll think about it.”

“Right. I’ll think about it, too.”

Ideally, we’d turn up on the first day, see the furniture and boxes in, do what we could in the way of connecting white goods and getting sleeping arrangements sorted, then return to the caravan. On the second day we’d drive over with stuff from the caravan and with Dolly the Mega-Cat in her traveller, settle in to the house, have a celebratory dinner, and sleep our first night there so as to assure Dolly that this is her new home. And us, too. Then, early on the third day, I’d drive Graham over to the holiday camp in time to start work and, once we were happy, drive back to the house and to Dolly. Until the end of the season, Graham would spend what time he could in the house, while Dolly and I would do what we could to start the process of turning the house into a home.

Looks as though, at best, we’ll have to squash all of that into a single day and do the best we can.

That really does need some thought.

Ah well. We’ll have to see what we can work out.

The really good news of the day is that from Thursday onwards I’ll be able to relax a little, my painting job finished and done. There will be plenty of other things for me to do, of course, but the pressure will ease considerably. Until moving-in day, that is. That’s a high pressure day if ever there was one.

I have to admit that I’ve found the painting and decorating job rather tough going. Good exercise, but tough going. What is it they say about ‘no pain, no gain’? Never heard a truer word.



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