A totally non-threatening frying pan

Friday August 18, 2006

It took a while for me to get going this morning. In consequence, I didn’t get to the house until a little after one o’clock, and had no more time available to me than it took to upload the journal—using dial-up—and sit down to a nice quiet sandwich lunch before returning to the caravan for my afternoon nap.

I did make enough time to check out the broadband connection, using an Ethernet cable. It ran sweet as a nut, fast, satisfying, and solid.

The BT/Yahoo software that came with the hub is truly, truly dreadful, having rendered my previously quiet and competent computer system to a poor, tottering invalid. When I’m active on broadband I can’t use my email client—Outlook Express—and there are things like the BT/Yahoo Messenger software that keep on popping up unbidden. The browser, a bastardised combination of Firefox and MS Internet Explorer (MSIE), is designed to provide access to the ‘added content’ for which I have no use, and does the strangest things when I’m trying to do my routine surfing and other web stuff. I really don’t like it, and shall unload it just as soon as we have time to sit down and work through the ‘manual’ set-up, reverting to a plain vanilla version of MSIE and dropping all the BT/Yahoo add-ons. Until then I shall have to stick with the dial-up service that works the way I want it to.

For all that, it was a joy to be back on broadband, and especially with a connection that’s so much faster than the one we had in Lincolnshire. I cruised through some familiar information sites like that for the BBC and for Channel Four, and was wowed to be able to view uninterrupted video clips, running sweet as buttered sugar. I’m looking forward to having a broadband system available any time and for as long as I wish.

High speed connection or not, I currently have no more than an hour a day spare which I can spend on the Internet. Most of that is taken up by uploading and checking the journal and what is left over is simply not enough effectively to handle email and all the other things that make for a satisfying online interaction. And there certainly isn’t time for research, leave alone curiosity.

I’ll be glad when moving day comes along. It’s only nineteen days away. Then I can start getting back to normal activities, Internet and otherwise. Things like keeping up to date with poetry, and doing proper cooking, and sensible domestic shopping. And taking coffee and croissants in the morning after a good session of chasing Dolly around the house and garden, with me waving a totally non-threatening frying pan as we go. You can’t do an effective cat chase in a caravan, and waving a frying pan is absolutely out of the question.



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