Not much time for fun

Saturday August 26, 2006

Graham had a good night’s sleep and got through his working day, a long, long day, without too much difficulty. We obviously caught the problem in time, for the little bump on his spine where a disc had shifted has gone back into place and the judicious use of rest, exercise and NSAID painkillers has minimised the muscular inflammation that causes much of the pain. When he finished for the day he was tired, but had a good colour even so. We’ve got away with it once more.

Having forgotten about it yesterday in all the fuss, I had to drop in to Williton this morning to pick up my medication for the month ahead. The likelihood is that this will be the last time I use the doctors in Williton, for I shall need to get checked in and registered with a new practice in Bridgwater as soon as possible. It’s on the list.

Given a blind eye in the general area of the grockles who have crowded into Somerset for the Bank Holiday weekend—probably the busiest weekend of the season—it’s been a purely lovely day. A warm sun, a cooling breeze, and the feel of freshness in the air that comes with the end of a period of heavy rain and wind. Some people say they can smell Autumn. I’m not so sure about that, not yet. Many trees are shedding leaves but this is the result of the long summer drought rather than the onset of Autumn. For all that, there is a chill in the air of an evening and early morning, and I’ve had to turn on the heater in the caravan’s living room once or twice in the past few days.

It’s galling to be obliged to sit with a blanket around my shoulders when we have a beautifully dry and snug house just fifteen miles down the road.

For all the lovely weather, though, and my outing to Williton, I used the first of my two days of R&R to catch up on sleep and rest. I’m torn between two needs when it comes to the time between now and moving day. I’d dearly like to get out and about with my camera and notebook, but my prime responsibility is to arrive at the house on the big day rested and ready for action.

I can’t escape the need for responsibility over the next few weeks. Lots and lots to do, with not much time for fun. How boring is that?



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