Tomorrow will do it

Sunday August 27, 2006

Today I seem to have misplaced my motivation. I know it’s around here somewhere, and I’m confident I’d find it if I could summon up the energy.

Probably underneath the great heap of laundry I’ve piled up ready to bag and take up to the holiday camp laundromat for washing and drying.

Struggle as I may, though, my comfy corner of the sofa called with a more compelling voice today than laundry.

I ought to know better of course. I do know that, of all the things the older bloke can lose, motivation needs to be the last. I did try to rescue the day in mid-evening by taking a brisk scrubbing in a hot shower. Didn’t work. I put on fresh clothes, sat down to get my breath back, and lost it all over again.

So, with the day clearly lost at this late hour, I have my hopes pinned on tomorrow. Tomorrow will do it.



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