A pretty good month

Thursday August 31, 2006

Well, that about wraps it up for August. When that thought occured to me my first inclination was to say good riddance to a grotty month. But, really, it’s been a month in which much has been achieved:

  • When the month started, there wasn’t a dab of paint on the walls. By the middle of the month, all the painting was finished, and the house has glowed contentedly since, waiting for us to move in on the sixth of September.
  • At the beginning of the month it seemed that I’d never, ever, not in a month of Sundays, be able to persuade British Telecom to install broadband. I dunnit, though, and each day I’ve been to the house since I’ve had the joy of a fast, faultless connection, running consistently at a little over 8mbps. The broadband software that came with it is a dreadful mish-mash, and has reduced my previously clean and smoothly functional computer to a state of confusion. I’ll get rid of the software just as soon as I can, and re-create the connection the hard way, using manual settings. Hopefully that will dispose of the problem of establishing a wireless network in which the laptop may participate.
  • We started out with the fag-ends of the heatwave, and now, gently, summer is closing down and autumn is approaching.
  • I got over the confidence-shaking let-down that came with the end of the big decorating project, not without pain, but even so have arrived at the end of the month smiling and ready for moving day, and for a new month.
  • All my vital changes of address are done, and domestic paperwork brought under control, ready for a new filing system.
  • I’ve sketched out the basics of the writing I plan to do over the autumn and winter months, starting towards the end of September.

Once or twice over the past couple of months I’ve been impatient with the rate of progress, cursing my poor old body for being less capable of sustained effort than it used to be. How stupid can you get? I might be slower, and I can no longer work in extreme heat, but sustained? I stuck at the project, got it done, finished it off, and that’s as close to a working definition of sustained as I’m likely to achieve.

So, all in all, I don’t feel bad about August even though I am glad to have got through it. I’ve achieved what I set out to do, and that’s not bad for any month. I give thanks for a successful August, then. It’s been a pretty good month.



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