We’ve done it before

Sunday September 3, 2006

I held my laziness under much better control today, making something positive of it rather than losing the advantage as I did yesterday. I’ve done absolutely nothing constructive, stayed home in the caravan, and caught up on sleep and rest.

As a result I feel good, fully re-charged, and ready to tackle the week ahead. It’s going to be an interesting time. Like, for instance, moving in to the new house on Wednesday. Did I mention before that we’re moving in to the new house on Wednesday? I feel certain that I must have. If I’m honest, I’ve not thought of much else besides for a fair while.

I’m sorry if it’s been a boring time here in the journal. I’ll settle back to something a lot closer to normal service once the move is done.

As you’d probably expect, a major preoccupation at this stage of the game is to be sure that Dolly the Mega-Cat is safely transported and established in her new home with the minimum of stress and upset.

My first thought was that we should leave her here dozing the morning away on moving day and come back when the removal man have left, to pick her up for her trip to her new home. Graham swept that one aside, pointing out that we’ll be whacked and strung out by that time.

He reckons it’ll be better for us to take her over with us early on Wednesday and lodge her safe and sound in her transporter in the en-suite bathroom where she can moan the morning away undisturbed while our stuff is moved in. By the time the job’s done and we’ve shut the front door, she’ll be busting for a pee, and more than ready for a good feed. That done, she can wander around the house to her heart’s content, reinforced by the smells of our furnishing and boxes, which I know she’ll remember.

Graham will be staying over on Wednesday night, and on Thursday, setting the basics of the house to rights. I’ll drive him back to the holiday camp early Friday morning to pick up his job, and then scoot back to the house as quick as I safely can. I don’t want to leave Dolly alone in the house any more or for any longer than is absolutely necessary until she’s completely at home there.

I know, she’ll be fine. She’ll take command within hours and it’ll be as if she’s lived there all her life. After all, this will be her sixth move from home to home, seventh if you count moving from the cat breeder to join us in the first instance. My, how time flies. For all of that, I’m not prepared to leave anything to chance.

Tomorrow, when I visit the house, I shall take over the computer printer and all my hanging clothes from the wardrobe here except what I’m likely to need between now and Wednesday. On Tuesday I shall do basic shopping for the house, setting up my store cupboard and establishing a starter set of cooking essentials. I’ll stock the new Dolly cupboard then, too, with biscuit and tuna fish, and get a large sack of cat litter.

None of this activity is particularly arduous—the removal guys do the heavy lifting—and we’ll survive it, that’s for sure. We’ve done it before.



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