I’m content

Tuesday September 19, 2006

For the first time since we moved in I spent an entire day at home today, pottering about, doing small chores, resting, and feeding myself from a combination of fridge, freezer and store cupboard. Not great cuisine and, apart from a goodly intake of fresh fruit, not wonderfully healthy. I take it as a good sign however, indicating that I’ve passed one more hurdle to being home and dry in the new house.

What did I do? I hoed the gravel patch, removing weeds and small items of wind-blown litter. Then I washed down the ground-floor woodwork around windows and doors and went on to clean some windows. Not by any means all of them, just the worst. I shall need to set aside a little of each day for a period each month to keep the windows clean in this house. There’s an awful lot of them. The remainder of the task list really does get boring; just put it down to the small jobs you need to do to make a place your home, and to keep it in good order.

When I posted the photo of me in my chair yesterday I omitted to include an apology for the unseemly, naked state of my feet and ankles. Except when it’s really chilly and bleak, I don’t much enjoy wearing socks when I’m at home. I don’t wear gloves indoors, either, nor a hat. Can’t see there’s any real difference between them and, besides, I like the feel of a bit of air around my feet. Sorry, anyway.

I was asked: Do you always keep it so neat and tidy? Well, yes. I get told off if I don’t and in any case I do still have a bit of the time-conscious executive in me and try to maintain a desk top that contains only those items necessary to the task in hand. We’ve yet to unpack the McCoy Wishing Well that I use as a pencil jar and my old-fashioned chrome pencil sharpener but other than that, a bottomless mug of coffee, and a picture on the wall, the desk as shown in the picture is pretty much as I like to keep it. It’s much easier with the laptop than the old desktop computer, too, because I can shove it on a shelf, open the wide drawer in the middle of the desk that contains my watercolour and sketching gear and the writer’s desk becomes a painter’s workstation in moments. Wouldn’t be able to do that if I kept a mountain of paper and junk on the desk.

Another item of vital study equipment that’s still to be unpacked is my little radio/cd player. And my cd’s come to that. So I’m allowing myself the luxury of connecting to the BBC Radio Radio 3 player while I’m writing this, and enjoying Bruckner’s 5th symphony as I work. [I’m not sure if the BBC’s Internet radio service is available outside the UK.]

Highlight of the day? A bit of vanity, I’m afraid. My website hit counter clicked over the five million mark (since Dec 1, 2001) during the afternoon. I’d anticipated it of course, but even so I gulped a little and uttered a subdued Gosh! It wouldn’t be a notable hit rate in commercial terms, and there are a good few blogs out there that make my hit rate look like very small beer but it does demonstrate the old adage that if you plant a healthy acorn and water it assiduously there’s nothing it can do but grow. These million-mark milestones are coming along at decreasing intervals—it was only in February that I noted the four million point.

Amusement of the day? I found another of Dolly’s catnip mice when I was in last in the caravan and brought it home for her. It’s one of the largish gaudy type, with a little bell at the end of the tail. Dolly likes it reasonably well, though not so much as the dowdy little ones of which she’s so fond. I put the ‘new’ one down on the floor and she treated it to a desultory torture session while I was watching, just to show willing, you understand. Then, she left it in a corner of the hall and went off to more interesting things. Next time I looked, darn me if she hadn’t picked up a dowdy mouse and placed it next to the gaudy one.

OK, questions. Did she do that so’s they’d be company for one another? Did she do it as a hint to me that she’d really prefer another dowdy one? Or was it no more than a passing act of fortuitous felinicity? I tell ya. Cats are a never ending source of wonderment if you look at them the right way. You do need to look at them the right way, though. A bit like watching oak trees grow, I suppose.

Now I’m think about taking forty winks before I set out along the coast road to pick up Graham for his mid-week break. We’ve both been looking forward to that, even though it’s only yesterday he returned from his shorter break.

All in all, I’ve had a good day. Nothing much happened but then nothing bad or irritating happened either. I’m content.


Gaudy mouse and dowdy mouse



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