Insensitive cat

Thursday September 21, 2006

We seem to have solved the slow Ethernet link from the laptop, part of which was a combination of coincidence and the external. My own site and the BBC chose the very moment we switched routers to go slow. Isn’t that always the way?

There is a time, too, each weekday evening, as people get home from work, switch their computers on and check their mail and messages, when the Internet does run slower than normal. It lasts about an hour and may be repeated during the evening, depending on the TV schedules, I suspect. When there’s a big sporting event the Internet is as fast as anyone could desire; when the schedules are filled with low interest stuff, it slows down noticeably.

So, all I need to do is to choose a brave moment, back up my files, and do a full clear-down and system re-load. I reckon that something the Vodafone and/or BT software did to my system has royally messed up the wireless connection. It worked fine when the laptop first arrived. Deleting these things is never a complete operation, as witness the log file generated when I ran RegClean—page after page of registry keys created by these two components. There are DLLs left laying about, too, either doing nothing or sitting there, consuming resource invisibly except to the skilled eye. Computer systems are too big and too complex for simple folk.

Just now, though, I’m conserving all my bravery for my first dental appointment tomorrow. To be honest, I’m truly looking forward to it. There may be a little pain, and there’s bound to be discomfort during and following on the extractions. The good thing is that once the healing is done, and I do heal up pretty quickly, the culprits will be gone, and unable to hurt me any more.

The day went all too fast. We had a good time puttering about our chores but lunch time came along, and then the clock seemed to tick over at an accelerating pace until we hit the point at which we had to depart for the holiday camp again. Graham didn’t want to go. I didn’t want him to go. Dolly didn’t want either of us to go.

Duty won out, though, as it always must, and I returned to the house once more, calling in at Sainsbury’s for a decent meal for myself for tonight, and a supply of soup, soft bread, and slops for tomorrow.

“You’ll have to chew for both of us tomorrow, Dolly,” I said. “I doubt I’ll be up to much in the way of chewing for myself.”

She looked up at me for a moment, dismissed me as only she can do, and then turned her attention once more to crunching away at her late night snack of fresh, crispy kibble. Insensitive cat.



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