Bless ’em all

Friday September 22, 2006

I was truly impressed with the young woman who carried out my dental work today. A doctor from Germany, she’s working here to gain experience of NHS dental practice and will return to her home with a depth and breadth of experience that’ll serve her well throughout her professional career. Meantime, she’s helping to revivify the NHS dental service and that’s got to be a good thing.

The detail of the work is, properly, a matter to be kept strictly between the poet and his dentist. It’s enough to say that I didn’t feel a thing, was well pleased, signed up for a full course of treatment, and have been promised that I shall have a high quality cobalt/chrome partial upper denture in time to plug the gap in my smile by the end of November.

I shall spare the record an accounting of my diet today, too. In some ways that would be worse than the details of the dentistry.

Still, I dunnit. I went in smiling, and I came out smiling, best I could. And I’m smiling now, between burps, as I think of the work ahead, and its happy conclusion.

The medical centre is a newly built three-way complex, housing the doctors surgery, the dental clinic, and a jolly good, well-equipped pharmacy. I was impressed with the other two parts of the service today, too, calling in before my dental appointment.

The doctors had all my details up on their computer, and my first prescription was there, ready to collect. I walked the script across the hall into the pharmacist’s and blow me down if they weren’t perfectly happy to fill it there and then. I’m accustomed to waiting at least three working days. I said my profound thanks but opted to collect the medication on Monday rather than take up a place in the emergency queue.

In future I shall be able to order my repeat prescriptions over the phone, or on the Internet, and collect them directly from the pharmacy as I go past on my way to Sainsbury’s. If for any reason, now or in the future, I’m unable to get to the medical centre to pick them up myself, they have a free delivery service.

I’m feeling good about the security and future of my medical care. And that’s a major foundation stone to my continued happiness and well-being. Bless ’em. Bless ’em all.



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