Obesity makes you stupid

Saturday October 14, 2006

It’s been a quiet old day here in Bridgwater, gateway to the Quantocks. Too quiet for me, and too quiet for Dolly the Mega-cat. The sort of day where you snuggle down to sleep on the sofa while they screen Titanic, hoping you’ll wake in time to see the rich people drown.

In part it’s been the weather wot dun it. Grey, muggy, and uninspiring. Like yesterday, come to think of it. Not cold. I could do with a bit of cold after five months of above average warm weather. Mostly, though, I could do with some nice Autumn sunshine.

I can’t blame the quiet or the weather for my lethargy, though. I don’t count a day as wasted when I use it to catch up on sleep. Sleep was only an excuse for inactivity today, however. And eating. I am ashamed to record that I had sausage rolls for both breakfast and lunch, and a really, really stupefying meal of stewed steak, mash and vegetables for dinner. Drank too much wine, just to round it all off.

And now, at the end of the day, I’m craving fruit. My system is demanding fruit, lots of it, and now. Would you believe it, apart from a can of pineapple pieces in apple juice I haven’t a piece of fruit in the house. I’ll have the pineapple for my supper and go out as soon as the supermarket opens tomorrow to stock up the fruit bowl. I think tomorrow will have to be a fruit diet day.

I have only myself to blame. When Graham’s away I need to keep myself busy and today, well, today I just couldn’t summon up the energy.

So I flopped, moped and mooched. Ate too much and not at all sensibly. And now I’m suffering for it. Serves me right.

It seems that eminent researchers have identified a link between obesity and diminution of cognitive ability.

Tell me something I didn’t know. After a day of low-grade diet and laziness I feel slow, lethargic, and can’t cognate worth a hill of beans. Obesity makes you stupid. Adding to an already obese condition by eating unhealthy, fattening things makes you more stupid. Well, foopy whuckin’ doo. Doesn’t seem worth spending a research budget to work that one out.



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