Making the most of it

Monday November 27, 2006

After a small degree of pushing, prodding, pulling and poking, and asking several times how it felt, the dentist held up the mirror so’s I could see my new teeth. “Gosh,” I said. “That’s impressive.”

There, in the mirror, was a mouth with a moustache over it and a set of nice, respectable teeth grinning at me. It was definitely my moustache but I was a little taken aback by the rest of the view. The missing block of molars in the front had been replaced with a nice row of acrylic imitations, functional and incredibly realistic. To my unskilled eye the ‘gums’, made of coloured wax, were a little too perfect, and I said so. “We’ll fix that,” the dentist promised.

Then it was the turn of the assistant to come round and take her first look. “Oh, very good,” she said, smiling broadly. “Makes all that work worthwhile, does a successful result.”

And so, with broad smiles all round, the chrome steel and acrylic teeth were pulled out once more, the wax gums adjusted, and the whole popped back into the box to be sent to the lab where the wax ‘gums’ will be replaced by acrylic and the whole given a final grind and buffing before I’m presented with it in about a fortnight’s time. Then I shall be sent off to grin foolishly at the entire world once more without the risk of sending small children to hide behind their mothers’ skirts.

They’ll take a bit of getting used to, and I shall have to relearn the upper lip smile, but I’m sure I can do it.

Back home, via the supermarket, we sat down to a breakfast of croissants and coffee and then I was sent back to bed once more for a morning nap. I’m still a little on the feak and weeble side, with not a lot in the way of staying power. Each time I venture out I last a little longer. Each time I get back home I’m a little less exhausted than the time before. Even so, I have a way to go yet.

“This is taking an age,” I said.

“What is?”

“Recovering from my bronical attack.”

“I think you’re doing pretty well, considering how bad you were a week ago. You’ll need to be patient a while longer. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“You’ll never get away with a platitude like that when I’m properly recovered.”

“I’d better make the most of it while I can, then.”



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