Think on

Monday December 11, 2006

Graham came into the study to find me sitting, looking at a blank screen and being all glum. Or that’s what he told me I looked like.

“Whatcha doin’, chuckles?” he asked.

“Trying to find something to write about.”

“Ah, well. You know what you’re always saying about nightingales and emitting sound?”

“You mean the one that goes ‘None but the nightingale should open his mouth merely to emit sound’?”

“That’s the one.”

“You’re quite right, of course. I’ll not try to write just for the sake of it today. Quite noisy enough already. I’ll sing a song instead:”

We’re busy doing nothing,
working the whole day through,
trying to find lots of things not to do.
We’re busy going nowhere,
isn’t it such a crime?
We’d like to be unhappy but
we never do have the time.

“I’ll never learn to keep my trap shut, will I,” said Graham, uncovering his ears.

“Nope. So think on.”



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