Green, leafy days

Thursday December 14, 2006

When, about a month ago, I clambered back up after my nasty bronchial sickness, I remarked that I didn’t at that stage know if I’d get all the way back to normal straight away, feeling good, writing stories and poems, or if I’d have to drift along for the rest of the winter, sitting quietly, reading my book, dozing frequently and doing no more writing than is necessary to keep the journal ticking over.

Well, it looks like it’s going to be the latter case. There’s a spark of energy in me, somewhere, and it pops up for a few minutes most days. Mostly, though, I’m content simply to sit, listen to the radio, read my book, and doze off when the inclination takes me.

Ye gods and little fishes but that bout of bronchitis did take it out of me. Caught me in a weak moment, it did, after a very heavy year, and it quite knocked me off my feet. Thank goodness we’re not planning to move house again next year.

Hey ho. Nothing to do but soldier on, get through it, and dream of green, leafy days in the Spring.



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