You’re quite safe

Monday December 18, 2006

“Come up and see my new picture,” Graham called down from the top landing.

So I trudged up two flights of stairs to see the new picture, situated in the vasty space of the top stairwell.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“Well, it’s a big one alright. No mistake about that. Big.”


Well, it’s a big one alright


Earlier we’d done a pass through the B&Q DIY store where Graham wanted some wall fixings, and then across to Sainsbury’s, where we did the big Christmas goodies shop, aided by a total of £55 in hoarded coins and Nectar loyalty card points. Apart from fresh stuff, that’s our main Christmas provisions done, stored and paid for.

The streets and both stores were strangely under populated once more, yielding an odd, slightly surreal shopping experience.

Graham revelled in the near-empty B&Q, and swept through in grand style, but was completely fazed by Sainsbury’s, wandering about in a bewildered state as though he’d left his brain somewhere between the two stores. Which can be fun but is no way to get Christmas shopping done.

“Tell you what, I’ll carry on and you can wander,” I said, smiling. “I’ll find you when I’m ready to check out.”

“Sorry. Seem to have lost it. I want to go home and do sane things. You won’t leave me here, will you?”

“Did think about it but I need you for lifting this lot into and out of the car so you’re quite safe.”

“Oh. Alright, then.”



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