Evil unto the day

I went straight on from my writing session this morning to take on the task of adjusting all the files and pointers on the website to show the new year. Think I’ve got them all. Hopefully if my own testing and checking has left any errors or omissions hanging over then someone will point ’em out to me.

It’s a big job, requiring quite close concentration for about an hour, perhaps a little more. Of more impact is the close association between bottom and chair for a similar period. I was sore at the end of it.

“Mrrrrawwww?” said Dolly, coming into the study to see what all the creaking, cracking and groaning was about.

“Sawl right, Dolly,” I said. “I just been sitting here too long. What shall we do now?”


“Good idea. Time for a little nap.”

Do you know, she led the way up the stairs!

Tucked under the covers and straightening my right knee gingerly—it seemed to have developed toothache—I began to contemplate the year ahead. And groaned a bit.

“Mrrrrawwww?” said Dolly, who’d snuggled down against my back.

“No. You’re quite right, missus. Evil unto the day and all that. Goodnight.”

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