It’s not often that I come up with a new sandwich idea and it astonishes me that, after all these years, I haven’t done this one before.  Or tasted it, either, which could mean that it’s genuinely new. I doubt that, but it is new to me:


For one serving:

  • Butter two slices of bread as thinly as you can manage and set them aside.
  • Slice one (very) large tomato, not too thin, and arrange in a single layer on the base of a frying pan you’ve sprayed with 1-cal olive oil.
  • Cook quickly, turning once, and remove from the heat.
  • Using a spatula, remove the tomato slices and place them carefully on one slice of bread.
  • Apply the other slice of bread to the top, press lightly, and cut with a sharp knife into halves or quarters.

That’s it. Eat quickly, though if you’re a fan of the tomato as I am, you’ll need no encouragement once you’ve caught the aroma and tasted the indecent deliciousness.


21 responses to “A NEW SANDWICH

  1. holy cow! 1!!!!!!!!!

  2. I suppose you could say that, Gary;-)

  3. You know, it is perhaps no coincidence that I am grilling tomatoes tonight, over charcoal. The effect and deliciousness are anticipated. So, John, we are on the same wavelength, although I am pairing my efforts with pale ale (s!). And your beverage, John?

  4. Just coffee washed down with tap water tonight, Gary. I overdid the cheap supermarket lager last night and am feeling far too fragile for more booze this evening.

    Which explains why I’m experimenting with innocuous, low-fat sandwiches right now… 😀

  5. There is nothing better than a fresh tomato sandwhich!

  6. Drooling, that’s me, or should I have been more lady-like and said ‘salivating’? Either way, it sounds wonderfully delicious and does set the taste buds agoing. Nothing on earth, at least in my opinion, is more blessedly wonderful than a fully ripe, home-grown tomato. None of those plastic imitatiion pseudo tomatos for me, thank you. (I suffer quietly between seasons.) And I presume, John, that a dusting of salt and some freshly ground black pepper go without saying? And, Gary, what time did you say dinner is?

  7. Actually, Mary Lee, no… it smelled so delicious fresh from the pan that I bit into one corner before adding seasoning. It was all gone before I could lay my hands on the cruet! I shall try a very light dusting next time, however… your instinct is the same as mine on these things. 😀

  8. Seasoning for my tomatoes: basil, pepper, olive oil and lime. And maybe other stuff.
    Drinks at 5, Mary Lee, we have cold wine, 8 entirely different beers, and a cupboard full of Scotch and bourbon. It is hot, so the stuff in the fridge may be the better choice.
    Of course, drinks at 5 is probably 11 pm over in Britain.
    Really would like to meet you all.

  9. I can has tomato sadwich LOL!

  10. I used to love tomato and lettuce (salad?) sandwiches. A wee dab of mayo (salad creme?)

    I miss tomatoes a lot.

  11. Never tried fried tomatoes on a sandwich so far, but if you say it’s delicious, John, then this will be my choice too! And Gary, may I have a glass of this cold wine?

  12. Oh I’ll have a beer Gary. Speaking of which John, have you tried Tuborg? They sell it 6 for 7 euro over here which I think is rather cheap for such a good beer. The aul Bavaria (pronounced, by me, and most likely not by their marketing people, as bav-a-ria, as in, di-a-rrhea) is rather cheap and pleasant to sup too. I drink the ‘crown’ variety, comes in a blue can, 4.3%. You’ve probably already tried them, but just in case.

    And yes, I’m trying the sarnie tomorrow for lunch 🙂 (I’m with Mary Lee on the dusting of s&p)

  13. Yall are driving me mad with all the tomato talk. My home growns have been gone for a month and we can only get the pseudo plastic good shipping kind.

  14. Brigitte, of course, there’s plenty left! And anybody else too!
    Just finished ours, with Sierra Nevada Pale ale. (sorry to swear but..) Holy crap, that was good.

  15. …’that a dusting of salt and some freshly ground black pepper go without saying?’… (as referring to Mary Lee). My mouth is watering for those tomatoes, John! (Sorry…I need a touch of salt, but on second thought, if you’ve pan fried them, perhaps not)

    Gee, I donnlikeit! (as Louise would say (and I hope I’ve spelled it correctly)) That I’m always late towards the end of the week.

    What I do like though…is ALL the great ideas and conversation that I’ve missed, that I can catch up on.

    Psst…now that we know Gary has a fully stocked cupboard, we don’t have to bring him that nice ‘expensive’ bottle of Scotch when we visit next month! ha! 🙂

    Going to try those sandwiches this weekend! John! Thanks!

  16. I forgot my manners in the heat of the moment and should have said ‘holy carp!’. A person can get excited about tomatoes.

  17. Brings back memories of my Grandma’s fried green tomatoes. I used to love them on toasted home made bread. Haven’t had one in years.

  18. I have a tomato sammy almost every day now for breakfast. But I’d only change one thing with your recipe John. After buttering the bread and after frying up the tomato slices, I’d put the buttered side of the bread back in that pan, place the tom’s on top of it, and top with the other slice, then do a grilled tomato sammy, flipping it over once the first side was lightly browned.

    I don’t go to all that trouble myself. I like plain Whole Grain White bread, sliced tom’s, and mayo, with a dash of salt/pepper. Sometimes lettuce, but usually not. I like that full-tomato flavor to shine thru. Of course to go with this gastronomic delight, a cuppa Yorkshire Gold tea is a must.

  19. I have been eating 12 grain wheat bread plus ham and swiss cheese and a little mayonnaise. I don’t put a second piece of bread on top. I just eat it open faced. It is one way to keep the calories down. Since it has been 100 degrees here I drink Fruit2O Strawberry Tangerine water for Hydration. It has 0 calories and has Electrolytes and B Vitamins added. I’m not sure if you have things like that over there in England.

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  21. didn’t read the comments, so maybe this has been said, but slight variation : my dad’s favourite sandwhich is the same, but with bacon. bacon-tomato sandwich. lots of pepper. bit of butter on the toast/ delicious and amazing.

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