Nothing to do with tea

Friday February 22, 2008

Yesterday the grass got its first cut of the year as Graham worked under lowering skies to get the job done before the rains came.

I should have got my camera out but I was too busy enjoying the spectacle and providing witty ripostes as he pushed the mower up and down our little patch of grass.

“This garden is too small for you,” I said.  “You need something much bigger.”

He didn’t agree exactly, but he did admit he’s really happy when he’s gardening.

“Makes me feel good,” he said.

“That’s endorfo-whatsits, I suspect.”

“Could be.  Tea helps, too.”

“Oh. Ok.”

So the grass got done, the skies darkened over, and Dolly went out for a tour of inspection. The wind came up, ruffling her fur and she came waddling indoors, all disgusted and disgruntled.

“That cat’s a whuss,” said Graham.

“No she’s not. She’s a Maine Coon.”

“I thought they were supposed to be tough, all tundra-cat, and wild with it.”

“I don’t remember them saying that, but then I lost the operator’s handbook years ago.”

“You’re always losing operator’s handbooks.”

“I know.  It’s got something to do with quantum, I suspect.”

“You sure it’s nothing to do with tea?”


13 responses to “Nothing to do with tea

  1. Thanks, mr. Bailey, for that story (and the others aswell)! I’ve been having quite-not-so-good time recently, but your blog seems to help me smile every once in a while.

    You’re welcome, and I hope the not-so-goods stay away for you 🙂

  2. My gardening has come to a halt as I am in my sick-bed at the mo.Itching to get out there but am too ill.Jasper was running up and down the garden like a thing possessed.Windy weather seems to send him nuts.Seems things are moving on apace at yours!

    Get well soon, Maureen. I think the weather’s going to turn against gardening for a little while now, so you’ll have time to recover, hopefully!

  3. A lovely post, John, containing all the wisdom to have a good and enjoyable life! 🙂

  4. Wuss? Humph. What lady cares to be ruffled in such an undignified fashion? It’s quite clear that Graham’s been away from home too much and I”m glad he’s back where his point of view can be properly adjusted.

  5. I can’t believe you’ve cut the grass…as I look out my window here and we’re getting about 6-8 inches of snow!

    I agree with Wendy – dignified ladies certainly don’t like their hair all ruffled. Humph!

    Hope everyone above feels better soon.

  6. I’m with Kate. We’re getting another 4 inches of snow today on top of the two feet already on the ground. The grass won’t be getting a haircut here until sometime in April.

  7. Cats are not a wuss because they know how to come in out of the rain Graham. lol

    Good Morning Mr. Bailey. Gee that sounds strange to me. 😉

  8. OKOK…… of Graham working and you taking pictures tomorrow. 🙂 We will wait.

  9. forget Graham and the grass, more pics of Dolly please!

  10. The same storm that is snowing on Kate & Jim (and it seems to be widespread enough that is probably also the same one that is snowing on Gordo) is snowing here… our grass is burried under at least three inches of snow… and it is just noon now and supposed to continue to snow all afternnon. I don’t think our lawnmower will be leaving the garage anytime soon.

    (Well, actually, our lawnmower almost never leaves the garage because we hire an enterprising neighborhood teenager to mow our lawn.)

  11. Heh! Just realized we can call it a Kingston snowstorm… since we all live near a Kingston.

  12. Cutting grass, oh my goodness. Our lawn is tucked under 2-3 feet of snow and we just came out of a way- below zero week. Envy, envy, envy. Have a great day! Skob

  13. Thanks! And wow! was I popular on Friday – I got a lot of net-traffic from UK, USA and even New Zealand! 🙂

    And today actually is a lot better – I guess it has something to do with tea…:-)

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