Thoroughly pleased to hear it

Saturday February 23, 2008

I got into trouble several times yesterday and it took me ages to work out why and what to do about it.

See, each time Graham does something clever in the house doctoring project he calls me to have a look and pass judgement.  That ‘judgement’ is of course a figure of speech.  If he asked me to approve I could do that but judgement is a serious matter to me still, no matter how woolly my mind is become.

“You don’t like it,” he huffs.

“You shouldn’t ask me questions like that unless you tell me the appropriate answer in advance. I’m always happy to oblige if I know what I’m supposed to say.”

“Don’t get clever with me. Go and make some tea, why don’t you?”

And off I toddle, only slightly bruised, striving mightily to find a way out of this tender trap.

“I know what it is,” I announced as I brought another cup of tea to the slightly frazzled worker.

“What, then?”

“Everything we’re doing to this place in order to sell it, no matter how clever, is making it more and more the kind of house I really don’t like much.”

“Too smooth?”


“Too bland?”


“Good. That’s exactly what I’m aiming for. Don’t worry, we’ll do the Anna Madrigal bit in the next place.”

“Thoroughly pleased to hear it.”

Dolly takes a garden stroll;  Bridgwater;  Feb,'08

16 responses to “Thoroughly pleased to hear it

  1. I never have understood roomie when she disagrees with my opinion when she asked for it. I guess Graham does the same thing.

  2. Now would ya just look at that glorious green grass! I’m so envious. Even that bush in the background has green leaves on it…as I sit here looking out at 11 inches of cold white stuff on the ground!

    Oh yes, Dolly looks mighty wonderful too, although she looks a bit perturbed… 😉

  3. Dolly does look a bit put out. But at least she can sit on grass. I look out my window and see snow. I want spring! It sounds like Graham knows how to fix a house to sell. I should think his nerves are a bit on edge with the strain though.

  4. “M’dear, that’s an excellent one of those.” Got it.

  5. Did Dolly feel it was too bland as well? 🙂

  6. Well, there is no question that Dolly looks absolutely marvelous.

    It looks like Spring in February! Amazing.

  7. Hi John, one of your notifies accidentally got tossed back. My email is still valid. Cutting grass? Shucks we still have 4 feet of snow over ours (more in some places). Spring will certainly be welcome this year. We’ve had winter since November.

  8. I know what Dolly is saying.

    “My red carpet. Where is it?”

  9. Anna Madrigal?

    I’m struggling with this one, John.

    Anno Domini? Anna Magdelena? Annus Mirabilis?

    Anna Karenina?

  10. Andrew, Am I answering this before John? Anna Madrigal is a character in Tales Of the City. Great stories of contemporary San Francisco.

  11. John, have you read all of Armistead’s novels?

  12. Christi Richardson

    What exactly does a room look like when you and graham like it, and then what does it look like after you “blandify” it? Im curious.

  13. [Just woke up]

    Yup, Anna Madrigal is a main character from Tales of the City and More Tales of the City. I have all the others to enjoy when I get back to reading novels.

    I’m intrigued by the question of the ‘look’ of rooms and shall see if I can’t come up with an illustrated entry to cover it. Basically, we like large-ish, warm, colourful rooms that are stuffed with… stuff–pictures, art pottery, collections of small objects, fabric and ceramic hangings, you know the sort of thing. When we do the house doctoring job we strip as much of our personal things out as we can, and emphasise it as a neutral space, calm and nicely furnished and decorated, but completely under-powering.

    We’ve moved too often in the past few years and the process is becoming formulaic. Today while we were out shopping we picked up posh-looking bottles of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and puy lentils. I looked at Graham. He looked at me. “I’m going to put these back on the shelf,” he said. “Good man,” I replied.

  14. I love Maupin! Haven’t thought of that in years.

  15. Ha!
    Posh-looking bottles of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and puy lentils…….”Staging” I see 🙂
    One of the most important steps in selling real-estate, presentation and making the buyer feel as if they already live there, or desire to.
    Hope you have many offers…….

  16. Aha.

    I remember seeing (some of?) the TV series.

    Quirky and very amusing, I thought.

    But I hadn’t remembered the names of any of the characters, and still don’t.

    I did have a nice mental image of John at the clavichord, working away at his “notebook”.

    Ah, well.

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