Thumb-twiddling time

Monday February 25, 2008

There. It’s done. The whole house gleams, there’s not a speck of dust or Dolly-fluff to be found anywhere, and Graham is beginning to slow down.  Dolly is wondering why it’s all gone quiet.

The first agent [of three] is booked in to do his valuation job at 11:30.  About two hours to go.

Then we have another booked for 16:00 this afternoon, and the last at 11:00 tomorrow.

This is not a suitable time for high thoughts or fine prose.  We need a high valuation and a fine sale.

We’ll be having our council of war tomorrow afternoon.  Until then, it’s thumb-twiddling time.


14 responses to “Thumb-twiddling time

  1. I hope yall get a extremely good evaluation.

  2. Wayne, I’m up at 4am to head off to work. What’s your excuse? 😉

  3. Fingers crossed for yee 🙂

  4. So we’re crossing our figners while you’re twiddling your thumbs! 🙂

  5. I shall see if I can find any spells to help things along…

  6. Oh, the thumb twiddling. As I recall, this is the tedious part for all of you. Here’s wishing you some tidy and quiet entertainments to fill the next little while.

  7. I wonder what your three estate agents would think if they knew folks all over the world are waiting with bated breath to hear what they determine about valuation. Talk about *pressure*! Mojo, incoming, friend.

  8. Oh yes, me too sending good vibes across the pond.

  9. Heh leave it to Dee to add some pressure to your agents. LOL

  10. What’s the purpose of 3 agents? Do you go with the one that thinks they can get the most for your home?

    Just curious, everyone I know just picks an agent that they trust and goes for it.

  11. Trust the old thumbs are in perfect shape by now, fine tuned and ready to spin and also I can’t imagine how anyone could NOT like what you are presenting, so here’s all best wishes for a fast and satisfactory sale and then ON to new territories to conquet. I can hardly waait for the next chapter to begin!

  12. Second agent just left. They are so young! Both he and the young woman who came this morning valued the joint at the same figure, which is close to my own valuation.

    One more agent to come, tomorrow, and then we’ll have enough information to decide which one we’ll trust with our business. ‘Trust’ is probably not the best word… 😉

  13. Well now – since Grahams got some idle time, there’s some things that need doing ’round this little house, over here. (I’ve also noticed a few others here that wouldn’t mind having Graham (and you) around for a bit! 😉

  14. Edward: I have the worst attack of insomnia I can remember. For the last couple months I have been unable to go to sleep until 6 am and then can only sleep until 10 am. I refuse to take sleeping pills so I wait for John’s entry. Then I fix breakfast for roomie and go to bed.

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