Tell me about it

Tuesday February 26, 2008

So, then. We’ve had all three of the agents visit, do their valuation thing, state their terms of business, and try to impress us. I fear that we are not too easily impressed when it comes to estate agents.

The first, a young woman we’ll call Ms. Cannabis-odour, was good, got the value about right, and represented a company we could do business with.

The second, let’s call him Mr Squeaky-voice, was the representative fronted by the unpleasantly pushy woman I mentioned the other day.  He was pretty good, and got the valuation very close, too.  He shot to first choice, so much so that we were on the point of cancelling the third guy when common sense caught up with us.

The third guy got it. Not to let him feel overly superior, I shall call him Mr Baggy-eyes. He fronts the largest of the companies we’d selected, and got the valuation spot on. He also knew the job best of all. So we’ve appointed him and he’ll be back tomorrow to take detailed particulars and photographs, and get our signatures on the agency agreement.  None of them charge outrageous fees;  his are the highest by a small margin but in return his company does not tie the customer in to a long-term agreement–all that is required is two weeks notice, at any time.

Insofar as anyone can be happy with estate agents, he’ll do.

All being well, the house will be formally on the market at the end of next week, with a bill-board and glossy pamphlet.  And with pages on the agency websites.  I’ll post the URL here when I know it.

Graham will be visiting his mother next week, returning to take over the job of seeing viewers.

Meantime, we’re scanning the websites for suitable properties out in West Wales, and constructing a short list.  So soon as we have a firm offer on this house I shall hit the road and go off house-hunting.  Assuming the success of both operations we’ll apply the brakes on the sale, gently, and push the purchase as hard as we can, aiming to coordinate the two so’s we can move out of this house and into the new one simultaneously.  It takes careful management, but it can be done.  Failing coordination we’ll pop our stuff into storage and rent something short term in our target area while we wait for the purchase to happen.

Tomorrow we’ll be taking our own photographs of this place so I can make a house website to add to the growing set I’ve been building house by house.

I’m keeping up with the pace but I have to admit that I’m finding it taxing.  And tiring.  I was greatly encouraged when Graham said, on putting the phone down after telling the agent the good news:  “This will be the last time.  I’m too old for this shit.”

All I could think of in reponse was: “Tell me about it.”

Written as place holder while we were away in Taunton doing our decision making:
 “[Tuesday lunch time]  Third agent has been and is likely to get the business.  We’re just about to hold our council of war.  Dolly is asleep.  I’ll write a proper entry later today.”


18 responses to “Tell me about it

  1. Poor Dolly – all that supervising fair wears a cat out!

  2. Glad there’s a candidate in the first batch.

  3. third time’s a charm, eh?

  4. I love watching the experts go into action.

  5. Ahh, but enquiring minds need to know, John: was that woman you despised on the phone as bad in person?

  6. Wait. I think I missed something. If the house sells immediately where will you go? Do you have your next house picked out?

    I’m so excited about all this that I’m getting confused!

  7. Sounds like a plan. Please post photos of the areas you will be searching for your new, forever home.

  8. I solemnly promise to post photos galore once we’re firm on the next location, during the search and after we’ve moved in.

    One of the jobs Graham intends to do is to apply his landscape photographic skills to building a portfolio, which he plans to market on the Internet.

    Scanning over what I wrote above I find I’ve not indicated time scales. That’s largely because we’re at the mercy of the market, just like everyone in this position. It can’t happen “immediately”, though. It takes a minimum of two weeks from appointing an agent to getting a firm offer. It’s very rare for the interval between offer and completion of the sale to take less than four weeks. HTH! 😀

  9. Afraid I’d have to grab the last sentiment there. After four hours of volunteer work I feel old as bejabbers! 🙂

  10. I think I’m with Dolly, sleeping and relaxing, while you professionals are busy getting another exciting spot to!

  11. You two have it well in hand, John. I must say retiring to Wales to work on an Internet photography career sounds very appealing right now. 🙂 Landscapes don’t talk back, either.

  12. I’m sure that Mr. Baggy Eyes is thrilled to help you sell your beautiful home – I’m sure it will go quickly! Best of Luck!

  13. All I can say is that I’ve read your post to Jim and we’re taking pointers here! We’ll be selling as soon as the market goes back up (a few years time) and we’re keeping all this in mind.

  14. You better get your bags packed…

  15. The last time? Get as close to the sea as you can then….and Ikea. On to your pictures. I wish I could come help pack.

  16. Ok. Now I understand your plan! I hope it goes off without a hitch!

  17. I hear you on the move routine. Down the street this morning is a moving van loading up some neighbors for a relocation to the East Coast. My reaction at the sight was visceral, instant. Our own moves weren’t always discretionary, and the last one was none too happy. But we’re happy now due to an undying drive to make the best of things. If we don’t, who will?

    “But we’re happy now due to an undying drive to make the best of things. If we don’t, who will?” That’s the wisest thing I’ve heard so far this year, Tom. I shall keep it.

  18. Hey, I found you. Nice to see you again. I’m still in Florida, counting hurricanes, though I moved from the beach house and am settled on ten acres of tall pines and pasture. I have a few miniature horses that I have pull little carts. They are gentle and sweet, and love the occasional parade or festival. I am looking forward to reading all your adventures once again. Love to you both, NancyLee

    Hi NancyLee! Good to see you, too. Thanks for the good wishes, and take care not to get too close to those hurricanes.

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