I seem to be all Somerseted out

Wednesday February 27, 2008

Busy already today, informing the rejected agents of their lack of success.  I also made contact with Sally our solicitor to check she’s still there and still happy to take our business.  Yes on both counts.

I’d already, by nine a.m., cleaned the cat litter box, given Dolly her breakfast and her run in the garden, showered and scrubbed and presented myself for inspection.

“Will I do?” I asked.

“No.  Go find a different t-shirt.  That one’s got some historic stain on it that hasn’t quite come out in the wash.”

“Oh. Alright,” I said, meekly.  I can do a good meek if the cause warrants the effort.

And so there we go for the morning.  Business all done.  Chores all done.  Nothing to do now but wait for the agent to come and do photographs and such at two o’clock this afternoon.  I shall pop out shortly to fetch provisions for the day but other than that I need do nothing more than avoid making a mess.

Yesterday, in Starbucks in Taunton:

Me:  “This espresso is disappointing.”

Graham:  “I think so, too.”

Me:  “Your espresso is better.”

Graham:  “Thanks.  I think”

Actually, the whole Taunton venture was a disappointment. I was tired and a little jaded and I’d have far rather been home, tucked up for my afternoon nap.  Or walking the cliffs on Cardigan Bay.  Or beach-combing at Aberporth.  As Graham said yesterday:  “I seem to be all Somerseted out.”


22 responses to “I seem to be all Somerseted out

  1. Good morning! It is 3:30am here and I am getting ready for work.

    I am so pleased that things are going smoothly for the sale. You guys are pros at this now and know the pitfalls.

    I am cheering you on….to Wales!

  2. I’ve had the flu and have had to work right thru it, so have been rather incommunicado lately, but I just saw where the UK had an earthquake – what’s your news on this John?

  3. Stain on the shirt? My husband loves to slop coffee on his white shirts. Thank Heaven for Shout. 🙂

  4. Yay for being all ready to go so early in the day!

    I don’t know if they’re doing it there or not, but appparently a bunch of U.S. Starbucks were closed for “training” last night on the “art of the espresso.” Seems Starbucks execs feel the stores have become too “cookie-cutter” or something. Golly, I just can’t imagine why… *snork*

  5. Earthquake: I was asleep; Graham was playing on the Internet and didn’t notice it. Dolly made no fuss so it couldn’t have registered much here. Apparently it was between magnitudes 5.2 and 5.8 and caused minor damage across the midlands. Only one recorded injury and that doesn’t sound too serious.

    I’m sad to have missed it. I find earthquakes exciting and we don’t get many of them here.

  6. Maybe Starbucks will do this in England next!: Nearly 7,100 company-operated Starbucks stores across the U.S. — all except the licensed shops in supermarkets, airports, malls, hotels and the like — closed at 5:30 p.m. local time Tuesday for a teach-in that was part espresso tutorial, part pep rally.

  7. It’s far too early to say, of course, but this house is top of our shortlist at the moment. Gives you an indication of our thinking… 🙂

  8. That house is so pretty, I especially like the kitchen. Is it near the sea?

  9. Please don’t use cat litter box and breakfast in the same sentence again:-)

  10. holy cats! what a house!
    our litter box is in a private spot in the kitchen, BUT one of them always has to do their business in the middle of our mealtimes. Cats are that way, they like to do these little stinky pranks to remind humans of their power. Or maybe it is just their sense of humor?

  11. I love the cottage John – but is it going to be big enough for the three of you? Been looking at the pictures of your other houses, I am green with envy, would so love to have someone like Graham to do my decorating/make cupboards, all your houses look beautifully decorated, and all those bookshelves, love it!

  12. I agree with Diana, the place looks SMALL, at least too small for the three of you. After a while you might feel pretty crampt in that space – and you don’t want to move so soon again, do you?

    Well, it’s only the first house, I look forward to the other choices. Wish you luck!

    Hugs from Hamburg, Satalya

  13. Oooooh! That’s an adorable house!

  14. Small is good, and lots of character to boot !
    I love it.
    How far from the coast is it ?

  15. I think that house is really pretty, but wonder what that large parking lot thing across the road is? I like the look of the pastures and groves of trees on your side of the road. The rooms look a little small, but what’s in that two-storey addition on the back of the stone cottage?

    Oh mercy! I’m full of queries.

    Hugs from Asia,
    ~ Sil

  16. It looks like a lovely house with character John, but I thought you were looking for no stairs?
    Congratulations on finding an agent and confirming Sally’s still on. Good luck on both sides of the equation – selling and looking.
    My sympathy and empathy for this process. We’ve just finished relocating from New Mexico to Colorado. 🙂

  17. I had a wonderful tour of all your houses ( on the ‘net, of course), and, John, I would take any one of them. All so incredibly cozy and inviting.
    Do you think your next move with be the last for a while? You both work so hard on them. Maybe time to kick back for awhile.

  18. Now that place is a charmer, skinny bedrooms notwithstanding.

    If the agency is doing any kind of tracking on web hits, I’m sure they’re a bit confused after the readers here are done. Talk about international viewing!

  19. I was speaking to one of the guys responsible for the web agency pages t’other day. He is confused, so it’ll do no additional harm. As to small, I think it looks smaller than it is. We’ve done small before, and loved it. I’ll take the advice on board, though.

    Of course, there’s no telling what may be on the market when we actually get down to looking. 😀

  20. Oh my – but I do love that house! I’m with Shirley in PA – the kitchen is great! And…is it near the sea?

  21. I loved the Madrigal comment a few posts back. I remember watching bits of that series on the television a few years ago. I wish our library carried the DVDs. Good luck with your sale.

  22. That house is a fair distance from the sea — about 15 miles. That’s ok by us. The cliff top dream has to be just that–a dream. 🙂

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