Invasion of the camera-snappers

Thursday February 28, 2008

The agent called on time yesterday afternoon, accompanied by the young lady who’ll be fronting our account in the High Street shop.  They toured, took photographs, we did the paper work and now we’re all signed up.

The sign goes up today or tomorrow and active marketing will start more or less immediately.  I’ve asked them to back-pedal a bit while Graham’s away next week but, essentially, the show is on the road.  In my experience it’ll take about two weeks to get going full steam.

Immediately after they left Graham went round the house with my ‘new’ camera, taking record shots while I prepared lunch.  I’ll be making them up into a proper house site as soon as I can and shall, later today or tomorrow, put up some rough and ready versions here.

 Dolly, of course, was much amused by the invasion of the camera-snappers.


10 responses to “Invasion of the camera-snappers

  1. Carry on James…..

  2. Now that photo of Dolly just makes me want to pick her up and cuddle. Although, with that look in her eye – she’d probably run before I even put my hand out! ha!

  3. “Have yer gone daft or wot?”

  4. Nothing makes a house more like a home than a snoozing cat!

  5. Or a snoozing-interrupted cat. 😉

  6. The cat is NOT for sale.

  7. Nice shot! Dolly’s eyes look beautiful.

  8. This is a very nice little composition in greys. Dolly knows that you all are on your way.

  9. I think Dolly’s thinking, “Where’s me tea?”

  10. If you are going to carry on like this, at least pour mr some Carnation milk.

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