The other side of low-grade catering

Friday February 29, 2008

To Bridgwater, taking in our id documents to the agents for ‘anti money laundering’ purposes.  We picked up a draft copy of the house particulars for approval, and I was a little bristled to discover that we have in addition to provide documents to prove that the house is freehold before they can take it to market.

This perishin’ country is getting to be identification and document crazy.  I discovered to my alarm in the supermarket t’other day that they are no longer allowed to sell aspirin tablets to anyone under the age of eighteen.  I have distinct memories of being sent, as a tot, to the local chemist to get my mother a pack of aspirin once a month or so.

It’s easy to determine the justification for such stupidity but that doesn’t make it any the less stupid.

So, anyway.  Bridgwater.  Lunch time.  Starving poet surrounded by smells of stuff cooking.

“I need food!” I cried.

“You can wait until we get home.”

“No I can’t.  I need food, and I need it now!”

“Well, where do you suggest?  I don’t want coffee shop pannini twice in the same week.”

I had to think hard and effectively on that one.  Graham doesn’t trust much of the food served in my favourite eateries.

“Tell you what.  Let’s give Subways a try.  You can see the sandwich made in front of you, and choose exactly what’s to go in it.”

“Ok,” he said, reluctantly.  “But if I get food-poisoning you’ll have to nurse me.  Again.”

He was pleasantly surprised, though.  We had what they describe as a ‘6-inch Italian G.M.T’ on Italian cheese bread.  Clean, tasty, satisfying, and very, very cheap.

“I’m impressed with this,” said Graham, munching happily.

“Thank heaven for that.  It’s getting hard to find places where you’ll eat these days.”

“I know.  Put it down to seeing the other side of low-grade catering.”

Back home I was dizzy with sleepiness, and tumbled under the coverlet for my siesta.  When I woke I read through the house particulars and was not much impressed.  I’ve marked the draft copy up for revision and we’ll have to take it in to Bridgwater tomorrow.

I fear that I’m already finding this house sale wearisome.  I dreamed about it last night;  always a bad sign.

I did manage to process a few of the house record photographs.  These click-able thumbnails show the ground floor.  The back garden, the breakfast nook, two of the kitchen, the dining room, and the downstairs cloak room:

20080228_garden.jpg 20080228_breakfast_nook.jpg 20080228_kitchen_1.jpg 20080228_kitchen_2.jpg 20080228_dining_room.jpg 20080228_cloakroom.jpg

16 responses to “The other side of low-grade catering

  1. Subway is my favorite sandwich shop, good and cheap. Good luck. I hate to see the crazyness we Yanks are going through with big brother overseeing everything we buy infecting yall.

  2. Morning –
    Sorry to say it, but I hate Subway. Perhaps I’m jaded from the one here, but it was quite disgusting. Even Jim (who will eat just about anything from anywhere) was put off by it. So, we just don’t go there anymore.

    Loved the tour of the house, John. I couldn’t find a speck of dust nor a crumb anywhere! 😉

  3. Couldn’t find a speck of dust or a crumb either! 🙂 You did a great job and it’s perfect!

  4. …and I remember the before and after on the garden a year ago, a small miracle! It looks so grand!

  5. “identification and document crazy”

    Yes, I think that is going on around the world and is annoying and useless and dangerous.

    Subway is the one fast food chain whose food I actually enjoy eating and their Italian sub is one that I order (the other being their tuna sub). For several years (when I actually worked in an office rather than from home) I probably ate a Subway sandwich once a week.

    However, I have to point out that the correct name of that sandwich is the Italian BMT (not GMT) — the name is in keeping with the New York subway theme of the restaurant (their interior walls used to be covered with old New York City subway maps and reproductions of newspaper stories about the first subway systems in NY). One of the original New York City subway companies was the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation (BMT), now subsumed into the New York City Subway system. It has not been an independent company since before WWII but the BMT name lingered on for decades.

  6. Okay, asking for proof of the freehold makes sense (unless they should be looking it up themselves) but the ID for anti-money laundering is garbage as long as the solicitors are still handling the exchange of funds, which has been my impression from past transactions. ID to prove that you’re the ones who have the freehold *does* make sense, so they’re either liars or not as bright as they seem to think. Sigh. Apparently, they are the same the world over.

  7. I like the Italian BMT too. I wondered when I read GMT but I wasn’t sure thinking perhaps it had a different name in your parts. The house is looking great.

  8. No, you’re right–BMT it is. GMT is of course Greenwich Mean Time. I think my brain likes playing tricks on me like that because it’s always doing it… 😀

  9. Your home is lovely! Very warm and… homey. 🙂 It’ll sell in a snap.

  10. As usual, I’m impressed with those house pictures, John. The real estate people should hire you to do the photos they put up on the web sites because the quality of many of theirs is really unfortunate. I have a friend who paid for her first digicam by using it to take photos for realtors, and that was just of the outside.

  11. Beautiful place you have there, John. Other than the funny electrical outlets, it wouldn’t look out of place over here at all. Well, maybe with the laundry facilities in the kitchen … 🙂

  12. christi Richardson

    I like subway because you can get sandwiches that are lower fat and they are still quite tasty. i like the chicken breast with tomatoes, mayo, lettuce and black olives on it, just a weird fave of mine. Its not hard to eat lower fat there and still get a good lunch.

  13. I love Subway’s tuna on wheat but every location’s different and some are better than others.

    Your home looks wonderful! The little bath is my favorite. We need to replace our toilet and I like the looks of yours:-)

    It’s for sale, Crystal! It’s for sale! Sadly, you have to buy a whole house to go with it! 😀

  14. I’ve become a lot more like Graham lately…after seeing revealing shows on what really goes on behind those swinging doors of restaurant kitchens, you can’t pay me to eat in them any longer. It’s way too risky.

    As usual, your photos are grand. I think your little “cloak room” may be a hair smaller than our “large loo” on the first floor. Your decor is very chic and neat and clean looking. You must have an intimate relationship going on with your feather duster, John!

  15. I like to eat there too……and their chocolate chip cookies warm my heart on cold days.

    Yes, I like the looks of this one. You two have done yourselves proud. 🙂

  16. Well, after all the discussion of the virtues of what’s his name’s sandwiches, added to the allure of their telly commercials, I’m afraid I’m going to have to succumb. I’ve been tempted for quite some time. If only I could have mine on a crunchy ‘French’ roll.

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