The night of the great storm

Saturday March 1, 2008

The gales made it an uncertain night for sleeping until right into the small hours.  At one point I woke to find Graham peering out into the night.  He’d just been out to rescue a large red plastic bucket that’d been dancing around the back garden, partnering the wind in a jolly old ho-down.

Then, this morning, I woke to find that one of the fence panels had been blown down, shattering a plant pot and leaving a great gap between our house and our next door neighbour.  Fortunately no other damage has been done and the panel looks easy enough to repair and refix.  Leastways, Graham says it is.  We’ll be off shortly to Wickes to pick up suitable nails and a length of timber.

I’m hoping our neighbour will offer to help Graham lift the panel back into place.  It’s heavy, probably too much so for me to be much use.

Hey ho.  Never did like panel fencing.

The weather men say the worst of the gales is past.  That would be good, and I’d like it if they hold off now until we’ve moved.  A great storm once in a while is not a bad thing, reminding us of the temporary nature of our hold on the planet;  there’s no need to rub it in, though, and I shall be obliged to Ma Nature if she’ll take it easy on us for a while.

Dislodged fence panel;  Bridgwater;  Mar 1,’08

17 responses to “The night of the great storm

  1. It was certainly a rough old night, lots of squeaks and creaks and the odd bang. Luckily, we seem to have escaped without any damage.

    Hope that fence goes back up easily – before you get any viewers.

  2. Here in Austria we’ve been put on red alert, waiting for your gale to arrive.

  3. We didn’t have gales, but we had another 5 inches of snow last night! ugh!

    The wind surely tossed that panel around, didn’t it? It’s a wonder that more of the fencing didn’t go as well.

  4. What amazes me, John, is the lush deep green color of your grass — in February! Ours is all dead, but still underneath many inches of snow, and will probably stay that way for another four weeks or more! That’s another I love about England… early springs!

  5. Shirley, in PA

    What a shame, just as you had everything all fixed up to sell the house. I agree with Bex though – wonderful to see green grass.

  6. Graham’s just putting the final touches to the fence repairs–it’s stronger now than it was before!

  7. Aside from that very large section of fencing, all I can see there is the pristine shine of all those panes of glass! Who’s the ‘officer in charge’ of polishing all of those?

  8. If we need an extra hand, when I am of no use, there is a flock of illegals near our Home Depot store. We always overpay them as I, for one, am weighted by guilt at using illegal employees.

  9. Yay Graham, and YAY Mary Lee! Where have you been Mary Lee?

  10. We had that sort of gale about two weeks ago. The street trees really suffered. There were trees down everywhere. Trash bins were blown all over the place. It was terrifying. I am very glad you two survived.

  11. Ah, Gary! I’ve been sick and the brains full of nothing but fluff and thistles. Nothing worth commiting to public print. It’s been a long climb back.

  12. Welcome back, Mary Lee! 🙂 We missed you!!!

  13. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Brigitte and Gary!

  14. Wow that was some wind! (notice I’m back?) Our fence, if ever built, will be individual pickets.

  15. I’ve heard that the weather in England and that in the part of Oregon where I live is similar. There may be some some truth in that as last night we had wind, heavy rain, and even some hail. No damage done, though, and the skies are mainly blue today.

    Happy St. David’s Day to all!

  16. Oh, Mary Lee… it’s so good to hear from you! You wanna push to help you back ‘up’? I’m sure you’ll find volunteers here… 🙂

    The fence repairs got finished and Graham decided to reward us with an ‘organic’ wine. He’s thinking he’s better at repairing fences than choosing wine adventures…. 😉

  17. Me: Did you know it was St David’s day today?

    Graham: So?

    Me: I thought you’d like to know.

    Graham: Well, you know what thought did, don’t you.

    Me: Yes. It was me taught you that one.

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