Particular over the particulars

Sunday March 2, 2008

We had great fun yesterday fetching fixings for the fence repair and then doing the job.  I suggested we ask our neighbour for a hand and, being fair, he volunteered to do so. 

Graham however poured scorn on the idea saying it was a minor job he’d enjoy doing himself.

“You’re becoming quite the big hammer man, aren’t you,” I said.

“Don’t know what you mean.  Pass me another couple of nails, would you?”

The job got done in quick order and that section of fence is now stronger than the rest.  The original installers had used nails that were too short for the job.

“Perishin’ jerry builders,” Graham said, replacing his hammer and power screw driver in their cases.

“They probably didn’t have the benefit of proper tea,” I said.

“Funny you should mention that.  Any chance of a cuppa?”

So, anyway, it’s still windy, though not at storm level.  The sun shines, the sky is blue, and Spring seems still to be springing out all over.

Graham has deferred his visit to Wales by one day, leaving on Tuesday and returning before the weekend.  He wants to be here tomorrow to meet with the agent and sort out the question of photographs on the details once and for all. We seem always to have problems with house details.  I suspect it may be that we’re rather more finicky than most.  I’m grateful for Graham’s support on this;  I’ve not been feeling as much in control of the agent as I prefer to be and it was making me rather fluttery and insecure.

20080302_housefront.jpgOne of the agent’s photographs in particular, of the front of the house, we did not like at all, being all dull and dismal.  So this morning when the sun came out we took our own which we’ll pass on to the agent.  There’s no way I’d want to do the rest of the agent’s job but when it comes to prose and pictures I do most definitely have my own standards.

12 responses to “Particular over the particulars

  1. Make them meet your standard. After all they are working for you.

  2. What a neat house! And great shot of course. I think I’d enjoy living in it…, just too bad that right now I’m not looking for a townhouse in Bridgewater… 🙂

  3. That photo has superior panache, I’ll wager. Nice angle! Townhouses are often not too appealing from the front. It’s the inside that spells “home.”

  4. Your angle is good, what was theirs a straight on?

  5. Straight on, and chopped off the bottom; also included a lamp-post!

    I’ll be honest with y’all — I’ve never liked the appearance of the house from outside. People seem to regard the design rather highly, though.

  6. He may be the agent, but when it comes to photographs, you’re the one with the greater experience.

  7. Wayne hit it spot on!

    I don’t know why all the agents tend to think they completely run the show. As I said a few days ago, I had to let an agency go for their pushiness and aggressive manner with my mother. I reminded them that ‘they’ were working ‘for’ me, not against me.

  8. Property damage?

    Proper tea, d’magie!

    (Apologies to any Francophones out there)

  9. ‘Quite the hammer man’……… funny, John.

  10. And in this corner, it’s Graham the Hammer Man. Maybe he should take up boxing next. 🙂

  11. It’s Hammer Time! (old American joke referring to MC Hammer) Sorry! Good you got the fence fixed. Your house photo is fab!

  12. John I wish I could buy your house. I would return to the UK and live out my final years in that house…………But the dollar……………….

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