I’d rather be reading poems

Monday March 3, 2008

They’re forecasting a big freeze and snow-fest.  Again.  And yet, in the bright sunlight across the road there’s a randy magpie perched on a chimney-pot, bobbing up and down and encouraging his missus to come out and have some fun.

Taken all in all, I’m with the magpie.  Fun is good.  Randy is not so bad, either, so far as I can remember.  And both of them are much of what Spring is all about.

We had a quiet day yesterday and, with the exception of a visit from the agent, it promises to be quiet again today.  Just as well.  For some reason I can’t quite fathom I’m not at my best just now.  Strange dreams.  Daytime fancies.  Mixed up memories and a misty kind of confusion.

I’d rather be listening to Mozart and reading poems, and it’s likely I shall be doing just that while Graham is away.  Along with hoping any house viewers will hold off until he’s back to handle them.

Meantime, another batch of photos, this time showing the middle floor of the house–living room, master bedroom and bath.  Thrilling stuff:

 20080228_living_room_1.jpg 20080228_living_room_2.jpg 20080228_bedroom_1.jpg

17 responses to “I’d rather be reading poems

  1. First! 🙂 Good Monday Morning, John! I’m very much impressed, I must say. What a beautiful home you’ve created! Classy, modern, light-flooded, beautiful! And all these lovely pillows on the couch! Love them! Just one question, are they Graham-made or store-bought?

  2. Good morning, Brigitte, and thanks! The pillows on the couch are made from antique kilims, bought ready-made from all over. Recently we’ve been buying them direct from a supplier in Turkey. We buy the covers and put our own pads in. They’re rather more colourful in real life than in the photo… 😀

  3. Very nice.I can see that you’ll be caught in a bidding war!

  4. We live in hope, Maureen!

  5. Shirley, in PA

    It looks very much like home. I agree with Brigitte, love the pillows on the couch. And with the art work above it gives a nice burst of color to offset the light floor. Someone will instantly fall in love and put in a bid.

  6. I suspect your home is as tidy as the make ready.

    My coffee table has magazines on one end and books stacked on the other. We won’t even talk about the books on the lower level of it. Oh and a cat is often on top. 🙂

  7. I like the living room; it looks like a very pleasant room for sitting and chatting. Wish I could get our place to look that inviting. (Our problem is the room is the wrong size — too big to be cozy with a unified feel but not big enough to be able to subdivide into recognizable different conversational arrangements.)

  8. John, I’m reasonably sure that feeling is what happens to poets in the springtime.

  9. More of your lovely home! 🙂

    It’s the time of year when “unsettled” thoughts come to visit.

  10. I absolutely adore your home. You are both so gifted in design. If I saw the brochure for your house I would jump at the chance of owning it. I can’t wait to see what your next project will be in a whole new location.

    Are you a little bit sad to leave though?

  11. Love all the rooms. Very nice.

  12. If I could, I would move there and put in my bid for your place but I would want it furnished. Your taste is much like my own and I could move straight in, as is!

    Sounds like Spring Fever has hit you square in the face. You and the magpie.

  13. Were you ever to consider a second career, I;d recommend that the two of you set up shop decorating houses. Your good taste and eye for JUST the right dash of color is amazing. I’d be extremely happy to move in there myself! And in my opinion, one of the most important things is all that lovely light! Oh, and that blue jar is a stunner!

  14. no wonder Graham wants to leave. Nothing left to fiddle with!!

    Just lovely.

  15. Marty is right – there is nothing left to be done. Now…since you are free, I’ve got a million things to be done here. 😉

    I absolutely adore those pillows. I want to put on my comfy clothes, toss the throw over me and settle down on the sofa. Oh, could you hand me the remote for the tv? I can’t move right now, Dolly is all curled up on me having a nap. 🙂

  16. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-15737137.rsp?pa_n=4&tr_t=buy

    Ooh John, found this little gem earlier today, and wanted you to have a look-see 🙂
    I wasn’t able to find your e-mail address is it no longer on your blog ?
    By the way, your place looks spiffing !
    You dun good….

  17. I like that. A lot. If they don’t leap into a bidding war, more fools them.

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