And now the waiting

Tuesday March 4, 2008

The agent came and went, the house sale details were agreed, finally, and the house is now officially on the market.  Or will be, once the online databases have been updated.

I have an informal agreement that only really, positively genuine buyers will be shown the house before Saturday, when Graham will be home but other than that, we’re back to the old familiar game of waiting.  Otherwise known as sitting quietly, not making a mess.

I’ve made up a reading list for myself, including the last part of the last Harry Potter novel, which I’m determined to finish before the sun goes nova.  In addition, I’ve dug out a pad of canvas paper and a pack of oil pastels, just in case.  I always have my notebooks to hand, of course.

“Last time we were at this stage it took a year to get to a sale,” I said to the agent just before he left.

“I shall be surprised if that happens this time round.”

Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

Actually, I’m reasonably hopeful that things will not take too long.  An immediate snap-up is possible but unlikely.  The market is troubled but houses are selling, and ours is at least as likely to sell as any other.

House hunting isn’t possible until we get a firm bite of course, so we can do no more than keep our eye on market movement in the Cardigan area.

It’s very  much a wait and see game from now on.

Not a bad time, then, before I turn my attention to other things, to trot out the last batch of house photos.  This one shows the three bedrooms on the top floor of the house:

20080228_bedroom_1_1.jpg 20080228_bedroom_3.jpg 20080304_study.jpg 20080304_study_2.jpg


19 responses to “And now the waiting

  1. I can only hope that when we get out of the rented situation our houses will be as beautiful as yours. I love the way you guys decorate.

    I have a very good feeling about this house moving quickly.

  2. I’d be very surprised if that house isn’t snapped up quickly! It looks amazing! I’d love to find a house like that now that we’re in the market but I don’t think I’d be so lucky 😦
    Enjoy the last HP book – I cried at the end!
    Thanks for sharing the photos with us and best of luck for a quick sale

  3. your house is so beautiful john

  4. I do enjoy the pictures. It’s especially fun to spot particular items and do the “I remember when they got X” bit.

  5. Good luck with Harry, John. I inhaled the entire series in about 10 weeks last Spring. Loads of fun if your can get past the repulsive teenager bits.

    The place looks fabulous and I also have a hopeful feeling about it.

  6. I also think this one will go faster. I don’t know why, but I do have that feeling.

    One thing puzzles me. When houses are built why are radiators always under the window? They used to do that here too. Of course windows used to leak air too. 🙂 Yeah my mind is doing silly things this morning.

    btw my missing picture is back on yesterday’s entry should you like to see it. lol

  7. I keep telling my children (20 and 18) that when they eventually move out, their Dad and I are going to sell the house and buy something more manageable. Your place is exactly what I’m thinking about…except for the stairs, of course!

  8. Shirley, in PA

    Everything look so clean and calm, truly you and Graham have created an oasis. I’m sure it will be snapped up quickly. Enjoy Harry – I loved the series.

  9. “Sitting quietly, not making a mess”… Now this does sound stressful and uncomfortable! 🙂

  10. I like that gentle gold on the walls. While you wait, try stirring up some angst or humor to write about. We will be here reading.

  11. holy carp, is that a SPEAKER up on the bookcase? huge! ‘this one goes to eleven’….

    good luck guys

  12. Your place really IS so attractive, John, I can’t imagine it won’t sell quickly and for a good price. I’m really crazy about those lamps of yours, especially since I have several of similar vintage and appearance at my house. As to those radiators, do they really keep the whole room warm or do you shiver and shake from the damp and chill when across the room?

  13. Never really think about the radiators, folks. There’s a formula they use to size them against the size/heat loss of the rooms. Seems to work. I’m sitting here in my t-shirt as usual, and it’s perisin’ cold outside.

  14. Speakers? Yup. I have a pair of Kef babies in ‘my’ room, and Graham has Leaks in ‘his’. The speakers in the living room are modern ones by Quad. We can make a jolly noise if we have a mind… 🙂

  15. House? I hope you’re right, friends. Graham sent me a text from the train to Wales this morning, saying he was looking forward to visiting Aberaeron on a cold Sunday afternoon, and eating fish and chips at the shop in New Quay.

    This time I’m confident we’re ready for a return.

    Someone asked a couple of days back if I’ll miss this house. Nope. It’s very smart and all but I’ve never much liked it and that hasn’t changed. Just as well I’m not doing the selling job, eh?

  16. You and Graham are taking us on the road again. I can’t wait to see where we land. I hope you don’t have to wear yourselves out with renovations, as far as the new home goes. I remember how beastly hot it was during some of the renovations of the current (soon to be ex) house.

  17. Très agréable! I also love to see your photos. As far as Harry Potter goes, they are supposed to be wonderful but I’ve never felt the desire to read them. Something about them puts me off.
    Good luck with your agent. House selling is no fun.

  18. The house looks just great; perfect in fact. Best of luck with the sale!

  19. I would kill for that bookshelf!!
    As it is, I may have to provide other services to my spousal equivalent.
    But I am sure it would be well worth it!

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