Iambic therefore I Pentameter

Friday March 7, 2008

We’ve done a splendid job here, Dolly and I, since Graham went off to Wales on Tuesday.  Not a thing out of place.  No mess.  All the basics kept up to standard.  All I need do today is to clean the litter tray and walk round the house with my feather duster.

I even did my duty yesterday and placed a toe, firmly, under the estate agent to prod them into action.  My inclination was to leave well alone but then I had visions of Graham’s reaction when he gets home if nothing’s been done.  So the HIP energy survey man is to come do his stuff on Monday and the house details are to be ticked into action on Rightmove. [Ah.  I just checked.  The house details are up now and can be seen by clicking here.]

I wasn’t joking yesterday when I said that Dolly and I had been sleeping through Graham’s absence.  She’s still at it.  I woke up about two hours ago bright as a button and raring to go.  I think I’ll get my chores done and then go for a little walk in the park.  Haven’t stepped outside the front door since Tuesday so the use of a little petrol is justifiable.

The last surviving British Tommy from WW1 was on TV this morning.  He’s 109 years old, physically frail but mentally bright as a button.  I may, as a result of his example, revise my lifespan expectations up a little.  Tell you what, though.  If the Poet Laureate of the day writes a poem like that about me I shall hit ‘im with me stick.  Repeatedly.  In Iambic Pentameter.


17 responses to “Iambic therefore I Pentameter

  1. Looks good, John, hope it sells quickly.
    Best of luck

  2. What a coincendence that you have a story of the WW1 vet because on our news yesterday our remaining vet was at the Whitehouse.

    Had a good time at the realtor’s web page. Should of thought to check some other properties while there. 🙂 Have always wondered where the garage was and now I read out the back gate.

  3. We’re down to one WWI vet as well. He’s only 106, and steadfastly against the idea of a state funeral when he does pass. I expect that wish will be politely ignored.

    The listing looks great, John. Good luck with it.

  4. 109! You have a ways to go yet, John….

  5. 109! By then we’ll all be quite old too! 😉

  6. I keep telling people that I’ve only reached middle age!

    The real estate listing looks good but sent me googling about to translate some of it into American. As Winston Churchill (or Oscar Wilde or George Bernard Shaw) said “Two nations divided by a common language.”

  7. Good on you nudging the estate agent. Bravo! Graham should be proud.

  8. P.S. The listing looks brilliant. I could move in tomorrow! (or wish I could…)

  9. Great listing. Graham will be pleased about both the bright as a button you, and about the house. Now that my laundry is started, I think I will go walk……without the Iambic Pentameter.

  10. Excellent presentation. Makes me wonder about the zoning. The place could be an excellent small B&B.

  11. And if the Poet Laureate of YOUR day should do that to you, I’ll fly right over with me own stick and have at him, as well. That is, if I am still around. Ouch! Your best bet, though, would be just to refuse to go.
    As for the house, a winner in every respect! Get ready to MOVE!

  12. Thanks for the story of the last vet. And the house does look appealing.


  13. I’ve never been a great admirer of Motion’s stuff – even less since he was made court jester. But the moments with Harry Patch are very moving. That time loop that takes him back across so great a span of years to the last 30 seconds of his friend’s life. Thanks for this, John. I’ll link to it.

  14. Mary Lee, if we’re both of us around we’ll have every right to choose our own poet laureate!

    And, all, thanks for the good words about the listing. I’ll be honest with you about it… I was somewhat underwhelmed.

  15. John – The listing looks pretty good. It is straight forward and concise but maybe lacks a bit in your personality aspect. The only thing I might do differently photo-wise is to remove the fan in the kitchen shot. It might give the impression that the kitchen gets too hot to stay in.

  16. With the help of your agent’s map I was able to google it – rather a nice place you’re living in, though it looks way out of nowhere, if you don’t have a car. But only a few steps to go rambling along the fields. I wish I could have something like that, when I retire.

    Should sell soon, for ist looks like an admirable spot for a young family!

    Hugs from Hamburg, Satalya

  17. John, I found the listing very interest. even though you in England and those of us from the USA speak the same language. Many common every day things are labeled differently. Like a cloak room (1/2 bath) or a hob (exhaust hood). I to thought they could have put more excitement into it and mentioned how clean, and well keep – cared for your home is, and how inviting the garden is. It looks from the pictures like a professional decorated home. Skob

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