Monday March 10, 2008

I got over my attack of the wearies by the early evening yesterday and started driving Graham crazy as I bounced off the walls trying to find something I wanted to do.  You don’t have to go far in this house to find a wall suitable for the purposes of bouncing.

“You’re making a mess,” Graham said, sitting in the middle of the living room surrounded by bits of record deck.

“You’re a fine one to talk.”

“Well, alright, but this is mess with a purpose.  You’re doing the mess without a purpose thing.”

I closed the book I’d not been reading and plomped it on top of the pile of other books I’d attempted and failed.  With a condemnatory sneer it slid off onto the floor, taking the whole pile with it. Somehow that seemed to underline my lack of purpose.

So I tidied my books away, Graham took himself off to fix good strong espresso, and we settled down to watch the day’s episode of Buffy.  The one that sees the end of The Initiative and the beginning of the end of Riley.  Can’t say I shall miss either of them.  Nor Adam.  Never could be doing with Adam.

“There. Is that better,” Graham asked as the closing credits Grrr! Arrg!-ed themselves into DVD silence.

“Yeah.  I’ll be fine now.  I shall go cook our dinner.  Is there any booze left?”

“Drop of vodka.”

“Oh.  Do you want half?”

“No.  You finish it.”

“Ta.  I shall be careful to give you the nicest-looking potatoes.”

“Good.  Don’t make a mess.”

Anya potatoes from Norfolk
Vodka and potatoes

“What are these, then?” he asked a little while later, prodding his beautifully boiled Anya potatoes with his fork.

“Spuds.  From Norfolk.”

“They look like maggots.”

“Try ’em.”

He cut off one small segment and tasted it, gingerly.  Five seconds later he’d scoffed the lot.

“What did you say they were called?”


“Clever clogs.  Can I have another helping, please?”


10 responses to “Maggots

  1. Ah yes, Riley. We used to call him Captain Cardboard.

    Good morning!!

  2. The Norfolk potato-marketing folks should talk to you, John. 😉

  3. A drink and good food always do wonders! 🙂 Good morning!

  4. Not seen a maggot that looked like potatoes. And who laughed first as the books slid to the floor? 🙂

  5. They look like what we call Kipler potatoes down here. Here’s a picture. Scroll past the picture of coriander.

    One of the more expensive varieties.

  6. Morning all!

    I do like ‘Captain Cardboard’!

    I don’t think I’d much like a world without good food and drink. Those potatoes are rather special in texture and taste; I was rather dismayed when I first tried them, thinking I’d have to peel ’em. All you need do is give them a good wash, pick ’em over a little, and boil them in their skins in very lightly salted water. Drain and serve or use them as the start of something really exciting.

    And, Bonnie… we both laughed together 😀

  7. Mmmm… maggot potatoes. My fave!

  8. They remind me of French fingerling potatoes. There’s another name for ’em but I can’t think of it right now.

  9. We can’t find the locally produced ones here in Norfolk any more, they export the beggars.

  10. You’ll just have to beat the harvesters, Anna! Go out at night with a fork and a big bag… 😉

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