Thursday March 13, 2008

Now the storms have blown themselves into a tizzy, mostly in the North Sea, we’re left in the grey doldrums typical of mid-March.  Have to say, March is running absolutely true to form this year.  Came in like a lion and, all being well, seems to be lining itself up to go out like a lamb.

Providing we get over the Ides without portentous happenings, that is.

All the signs are there for a bit of good old-fashioned portent so far as I can see.  Tent cities springing up around Los Angeles.  Tibetan monks marching over the bridge into the fabled land.  George W. Bush meandering about the place like a lost President, mumbling about there being no recession and the war is going to plan.  If all that doesn’t indicate a touch of the portents I don’t know what does.

And here, Darling Alistair, our beloved Chancellor, has handed down an annual budget that seems more like an Inquisitorial Instrument than a book-balancing affair.

I tell ya.  If this was Ancient Rome there’d be hags on every corner muttering about the Ides of March and how it would be wise to beware them.

Graham thinks that our Ides are going to be a little late this year, to coincide with Easter.

“All the signs are there for the property market to leap into action at Easter,” he said yesterday.

“I didn’t think you did signs. You’ll be doing Tarot next.”

“Oh, go and hug a lighthouse, why don’t you?”

And so we float on, day after day, waiting for the property log jam to free itself and dreaming of lumber-jack style blokes coming along with spiked boots and long poles, poking at the mass.

It’s a daft time, is the middle of March.


12 responses to “Daft

  1. Sounds to me like a typical Texas March.

  2. “Oh, go and hug a lighthouse, why don’t you?”

    ROFL — That just really struck me funny.

  3. I think all that mumbling coming from George is him trying to figure out what the Ides of March means.

  4. you said it John, stange portents indeed!

  5. Portentous signs as far as the eye can reach! And thent his, go and hug a lighthouse… Still another strange portent! 🙂

  6. Surreal continues as amusing as ever–thanks, John!

  7. March is always a tumultuous month. There does seem to be something extra in the air this year, though.

    We’ve been invaded by robins right now: 14 of them in an apple tree in the yard last evening. Is it possibly to have too many harbingers of Spring at once?

  8. that lighthouse line had me still chuckling when I went home for work. I had to explain myself whilst buttering the toast.

    You didn’t happen to read that John Herbert book ‘Portent’ by any chance? Pure shi*e, no doubt, but I was young and in love with horror. Some images from it stayed with me though and it popped back into my head reading your post.

    It does ring a bell, Lou, but that’s not much help, I’m afraid. My head is full of bells today. 😉

  9. More research for me I see. Ides of March. Yes if I learned it I forgot it.

    Julius Caesar, Bonnie, but don’t sweat it — it’s very small. 🙂

  10. I’m a walking medical miracle. Last December 4th I survived an AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm) that burst on me. Well, stop smoking I says to myself – and I did after 60 + years.

    Now here is the Daft thing, after 3 1/2 months of not feeding my brain nicotine, it decided to stop working. I thought I had the onset of dementia. Nope, started smoking again and now the damn thing works like a charm.

    They don’t warn you about that particular side-effect of giving up, do they, John? I wonder if the patches would work as well?

    John B. (The oldgreypoet John B, that is)

  11. On my way home from my volunteer day at the zoo I saw 4 old misdressed rode hard and put up wet women on opposing street corners shouting from the Book of Revelation. You are right. I wish I was a thieve so I could steal your lines. “Hug a lighthouse”!

  12. I live in America. It’s daft here all the time!

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