Friday March 14, 2008

It’s been a nuffin day.  Nuffin done.  Nuffin said.  Perfectly happy, doin’ nuffin.  And so busy!


9 responses to “Nuffin

  1. gosh …first !As you can see I’ve only just stopped!I love that clip ,it’s the best bit of the film.In my humble opinion,that is.

  2. That was refreshing! Who are those blokes? One sounds like Frank Sinatra to me. Wil says not to him. 🙂

    Excuse but I’m busy trying to find nothing to do. lol

  3. The one in blue on the right is Bing Crosby, of course! The guy in brown is William Bendix(?). I can’t recall the name of the bloke in the middle… 😀

  4. Yes indeed, Bing Crosby.

    William Bendix played Babe Ruth in the movie “The Babe Ruth Story” — but is probably best known to Americans (of my age) as Chester A. Riley in the TV sitcom “The Life of Riley” (and played the same role a few years earlier in the motion picture of the same name that was the basis for the TV show)

    Going to IMDB for the third performer — I think the character in the middle is Merwin — in which case the performer is Murvyn Vye. (It’s probably been more than fifty years since I’ve seen the movie… on black & white television.)

    By the way, I’ve always been fascinated by the difference between the novel and the movie. The movie is a light-hearted musical, the book is (at least in my estimation) Mark Twain’s darkest work. He began it with lots of sharp-tongued social, political, and religious satire, but although he found it to be painful and disheartening, the tragedy of sickness (small pox?), hatred and prejudice and bigotry, mankind’s inhumanity to man, he couldn’t escape the logical consequences of the plot situation he had set up with 19th century industrial technology being introduced to the middle ages, and ended up with knights in armor being mowed down by machine gun fire and electrified fences and minefields…and his satire turns bitter..

  5. (Yes, I plead guilty — before I got into computers I was once a grad student in literature.)

  6. Thank you for the fab clip! I’ve never seen it but enjoyed it enormously! Cheered me up ’cause I’m sick with a nasty head-cold!

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed that. I shall have to watch the movie sometime. I read the book as a kid.

  8. I’m particularly fond of the bagpipe imitation. What a cheery little tune. And the look on the face of my 14 year old son? I can’t quit giggling. “What are they DOing????”

    tee hee.

  9. What a chipper clip.

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