Saturday March 15, 2008

I spent practically the whole day yesterday browsing through Youtube, seeking out vintage songs and tunes. I enjoyed myself so thoroughly that I couldn’t tear myself away.

From time to time Graham would pop his head around the study door to ask “who’s that?” and “is that the original?”  Sometimes my memory provided the answer, sometimes not.

It’s an activity that’s well suited to the sitting quietly, not making a mess mode in which we live whilst selling a house.

No nibbles on the house yet.  I’m half expecting one or two this weekend but as we get closer to noon it becomes less likely.  Easter weekend and the following week are the most favourable.  Otherwise it’s a matter of sitting back and waiting.  Except for one day a week when I get cabin fever and have to get out of the house no matter what, I seem to be quite good at sitting and waiting.

The weather is still calm, grey and cloudy, with the occasional drift of mizzle rain.  It’s getting milder every day, though, and things are sparking into life even here in the ashpalt and brick jungle.  I actually heard a song thrush yesterday.

Dolly loves the calmer weather and is spending increasing amounts of time out in the garden, sitting erect in a semi-fugue state.  Calm it may be but we do live in a high density place and there are strange noises that disturb Dolly now and then.  When that happens she snaps awake and comes dashing in to check that us humans are about and alert enough to see off any approaching threat.

“I wonder what we’ll do on a Saturday morning when we’re back in Wales?” I pondered earlier on.

“Much the same as we’re doing now.  Not shopping, that’s for sure.  Saturday morning shopping is the pits.”


11 responses to “Pits

  1. Morning John –

    I’ve heard the birds early in the morning now also. It’s lovely to hear, isn’t it? Spring can’t be too far off and we’ve had a couple of fairly decent days ’round these parts.

  2. Kate, the birds here (in Lincolnshire, England – near where John used to live!) have got nuts. Since the earthquake, they’ve been singing from about 1am every morning. It’s all rather odd, but quite reassuring to hear them twittering away as you go to bed!

  3. Went back to see if there was an answer for the clip. How could I ever confuse Bing with Frank? ackk. Didn’t see the title of the movie though.

  4. Well John, you did good with that one. We were laughing right along with the “nuffin.” Where ever did that come from.

    PS: I’ve been known to follow the trail of Ocean Liner videos on U-Tube a time or two.

  5. Greetings John, just a quick hello, wondering if since you two have nothing to do and mustn’t make a mess, you’d consider popping round my place and getting it in order. Idle hands and all, you know!

  6. Peter, I’ve heard about the earthquake that you had over there. Strange to hear birds when you’re retiring.

    We had a small quake here in NY about 15 miles from here this past week (bout 60-80 miles north of NYC). Enough to rattle some jars and knick knacks and such they said. We didn’t feel it here though.

  7. Why is Saturday morning shopping in Wales the pits? Just wondering…

  8. I wonder, have you ever told how old Dolly is, how you brought her into your life?

  9. A semi-fugue state?

    Now what would that be, I wonder?

    Does it mean she sits facing the other way so you can only see her Bach?


  10. Andrew! ha! 😉

  11. Bonnie – the title of the book/movie is A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

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