Tuesday March 18, 2008

The sudden sunshine break through yesterday came just in time to rescue me from the doldrums.  And, bless its fiery cotton socks, it’s shining again today.

I shall not drop everything and run out again today, though.  Not that I had much choice yesterday.  There I was, fingers poised over the keyboard, when Graham came bounding in full of determination that we should get out of the house, NOW!, to take advantage.

I didn’t mind.  It was a day filled with sunshine and daffodils, and not to be wasted.  I’ll be out and about today, too, but without such a great fuss and determination.

And yet, as if on some cruel schedule, they’re forecasting snow and sleet for the weekend, just in time for Easter.

Selfish as it may be, it seems a tad unfair that the great economic plop! should come along just as we put our house on the market.  It’s too early in the day to forecast what the impact will be on us but I think we’d be best advised to expect a long, long wait.  We’ll simply have to keep our eye on the market and see what we shall see. 

If we’re in for a long wait I think I shall pick up one of my old pastimes, and I can see Graham deciding to go out and get another job.  At least he’s dead set against bar work or anything else that requires anti-social hours.


14 responses to “Pastimes

  1. The worst thing you could do is just sit and wait, that would be horrid. Just carry on with hobbies and work and suddenly a move will happen (fingers crossed).

  2. Its fiery cotton socks? 🙂 If this means sunshine, oh yes, just bless them! And sorry for the house market. Someday it’ll also take on its fiery cotton socks, I suppose! 🙂

  3. Yesterday turned out to be warmish and sunny here too, John. We got to feel it on our faces and even took off my jacket for a bit. It was great to get outside and putter around, even if it is muddy.

    Our housing market is in the dumpster here also. We figure we’ll have to hold out4-5 yrs for another big boom. If we had sold 3 yrs ago we would have gotten more than twice as much as we would get now.

    Enjoy your lovely day, again. 🙂

  4. To quote a great line of my Mother’s – ‘I can feel it in me waters’ – you are not going to be there for a long, long wait. I know it. I absolutely refuse to believe otherwise. And I will gloat (a little) when I’m proved right. Just giving you fair warning.

    We have the sunshine here too, it’s delicious.

  5. I chuckle every time you write of Graham getting all Tiggerish.

  6. I always find it interesting how some areas go into the crapper and others either do so less enthusiastically or just skate around the rim of the bowl instead. I guess if I had paid more attention in economics, I might understand it more. 😉 The market’s not quite red hot here any more, but housing prices are at their highest (proportionally) in 20 years. I’m sure you’ll be just fine, John. The good thing about a downturn when you’re moving is that the new place will be coming down as well.

    I’m not talking to anybody with sunshine and warm weather right now. It’s -5, there’s still 45cm of snow on the ground and we may get flurries later. 😦

  7. Daffodils! You lucky dog!

  8. Mix of clouds and sun, chilly though, just a little bit above freezing.

    I just want the silly greedy morons who think they are running things not to screw everything up as thoroughly as they seem to be doing. Politicians and the economy — it’s like giving a ten year old the keys to a new car.

  9. At least you have daffodils. We have only rain and mud here in Ohio, USA. *sigh*

    Sorry about the “tuff-luck” in the house selling market. Sadly it is even worse here.

    Come on Spring! We need you to lift our spirits!

  10. Well it took me 2 years to sell my house ,with a lot of set backs.We lost 10 buyers because they lost their buyers and chains collapsed along the way.It was at times soul destroying and we stopped looking for a new home as we lost so many.By chance,the other day ,I bumped into my estate agent and I asked her how things were in the market.Her answer was that they have taken many properties on but haven’t sold any.Also one of our estate agents has packed up and others are laying off staff.Things are not so good here.I hope that you and Graham fare better.

  11. Okay, I can see there is a need to lay on a steady supply of housing market mojo, John. Avail yourself as needed. Mojo is endless. And daffodils are inspiring. As for fiery cotton socks, well now, there’s a mind picture to be going with! Thank you for the grin.

  12. Ah, yes. You could be us: committed to buying our new place in June and watching the market for our old place (which we are still trying to empty of the detritus of thirty years) falling. I think we will just take the price we have to take and smiling, move on. Jobs? Yikes. I hope not for us.

  13. What effect does our economic plop have on you folks?

    Rain forcast for Easter here.

  14. Hi there John,

    Your house looks immaculate – I think that it will sell. Sure hope so for your and Graham’s sakes.

    If *anything* sells in your area, I’m sure it will be your house. I’d buy it like a shot if I was house-hunting around there. It looks really good, and I suspect it’s in perfect condition in all ways knowing you and Graham.

    Meanwhile back here in Liverpool we’re wondering what the hell we’ll do with my parents’ flat over on the Wirral (overlooks the Marine Lake at West Kirby) when Probate is finally granted on my Mother’s estate…

    Guess it’ll be wait and see what happens over the next few weeks and months. But we may *need* to sell to pay out the monies willed to people. If that’s the case, can we book Graham to come over and sort out the flat to make it suitable to sell? 😉 Needs a LOT of work – new kitchen and bathroom just for starters.

    Honestly, I do think that you will find a buyer. As I said before, your house is immaculate. Even in a poor market folks continue to buy when they need to move.

    Wishing you both all the luck in the world to find a rich buyer! 😉 🙂

    Best wishes from sunny Liverpool

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