Do you think it really will snow?

Thursday March 20, 2008

Maundy Thursday and the Spring Equinox.  There’s an omenous coincidence for you.

I celebrated by getting out of bed, walking straight into the bathroom, and taking a good, scrubby shower.  Felt a lot better for that.  It’s hard not to love the whole world on a Maundy Thursday when the sun shines and you feel scrubby clean.

Won’t last of course.  Someone or something will spoil it before the day is out, you mark my words.

I’m not feeling too certain about the weather prospects for the holiday weekend.  There’s an uncomfortable chill in the air, despite the sunshine, and if my sense of smell still operated 100% I’d probably be muttering about there being a feel of snow in the air.

Yeah.  Yeah.

We need to provision ourselves today against the whole weekend.  Not in pursuit of any particular plan, we’ve been eating mainly vegetarian these past few days and now I fancy a really good, succulent, free-range, organic-fed chicken.  That means a trip to Taunton, like as not.

Graham’s looking at the sky with its collection of strange-looking clouds and feeling all smug that he cut his grass yesterday in advance of the precipitation to come.

“Do you think it really will snow?” he asked.

“What makes you think I’d know?”

“You’re the one who watches the sky and the weather.”

“No, I’m the one who pretends to be watching.  Actually, I’m perfecting the art of taking a short nap without closing my eyes.  Some call it meditation.  I’m more honest about it.”

“Oh.  But do you think it really will snow?”


11 responses to “Do you think it really will snow?

  1. Oh please tell us, do you think it will really snow?? 🙂 I’d very much like to know it too! After all there’s a chill in the air here too….

  2. Not here on the Somerset coast it won’t Brigitte; I can’t read your skies without seeing them of course… put the coffee on!

  3. It is snowing here in New York and YOU CAN HAVE IT. No extra charge!

  4. No snow here, but I just looked out the window and the two larger dogs are enjoying some mud wrestling.

  5. It is a tad chilly here this morning but they forcast rain for Easter. But we are missing the heavy spring rains on our side of town. I’ve nothing to worry about, no new spring bonnet. 🙂

  6. The forecasters are telling us here in Northern Illinois that we may get about six inches of wet heavy snow tonight. I could do without that.

    Thank goodness the sun is shining here today!

  7. I was complaining of that chill yesterday too, and it is supposed to turn into snow over here in Sligo. It’s blowing a serious gale here at the moment (again) and the air is full of grey soft rain (soaky-cold with an icy sharpness). That chicken sounds perfect – how will you cook it?

  8. The weather office claims that it’s snowing, but I was just outside. Nothing of the sort. We’re facing a sunny weekend! 😀

  9. Today Spring is teasing and tempting us with lovely sunshine and gentle breezes…. the old tart! Tomorrow the weather predictors are forcasting up to 3″ of snow! Spring, how can you be so cruel a woman?

  10. We had flurries today – no grass cutting here. But by golly, after this wind settles down and the mud hardens up next month, I’m gonna send you a picture of us cutting the grass, John! Just wait and see!

    Have you all seen the moon tonight??? It’s huge and bright and just beautiful! There is hope! ha!

  11. And here I was just crawling out of my cabin fever hole because the snow here was almost gone. Then we woke up to a good six inches this morning. Will it never end? I think I’ll move to England!! Do they accept ScandiHOOvians?

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