On the fresher side

Saturday March 22, 2008

Did I mention we’re going through a windy spell?  Not a lot of rain, nor cold.  Plenty of sunshine and fluffy white clouds.  But a more or less constant gusty wind batters away day and night.

I rather like it, though I did wake this morning with a bit of a headache after a restless night.  Yesterday, in the car park at Sainsbury’s, we stood for a while to clear cobwebs in a fresh half-gale. The breeze seems always to be fresher on that side of the river than this.

I’m not proposing to spend much time at my desk this weekend.  We’re planning to have a quiet Easter at home and, thus far, it’s working out fine.


9 responses to “On the fresher side

  1. Have a happy one

  2. Best wishes to the three of you for a lovely, quiet weekend.

  3. We’ve had a lot of gusty winds of late as well. Can’t say any of them cleared my head though. Oak pollen is now affecting many.

    Quiet weekend won’t be at our house, son is coming with Layla Sunday. 🙂

    Easter wishes to all.

  4. Happy Easter, John. Enjoy your daffodils. More sunshine here, but not warm enough to melt the snow.

  5. Shirley, in PA

    I wish you both a happy and restful weekend.

  6. Have a Happy and Peaceful Easter

  7. Happy Easter to the three of you.

  8. Easter Greetings, John, and watch out for those black jelly beans!!

  9. Been watching the web cam for the osprey nest at Loch of the Lowes. Seems to be snowing heavily. Of course it might just be the rain reflected in the light over the nest. The ospreys aren’t really due back for another week or so. It was great fun last year watching them rear their young.

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