No complaints

Sunday March 23, 2008

They’re talking about much of the Kingdom being battered by snowstorms.  Not here, and no sign of it coming here.  I’d be looking out over snowy fields if we were still in Lincolnshire, or Derbyshire, or even in West Sussex.  Not here.

I’m not complaining.

11 responses to “No complaints

  1. It’s just stopped raining here and the sun is trying to push through the clouds. Yesterday we had snow flurries but nothing laid, luckily.

  2. We’ve had some wind — not unusual along a seacoast — buta chance of snow coming along on Tuesday seems to have disappeared from the forecast.

  3. We’ve had rain and lots of wind the past few days but today the sun us shining. It’s cold, but that’s okay, the sun is shining and the wind has died down. Walking the dogs will be a pleasure today, for all of us.

  4. Just sunshine here. It’s chilly (-9c), but at least the sun’s shining. 🙂

  5. Spring has sprung here, John. Greening everywhere, buds a poppin’ and moderate temps. Just in time to save me from the Winter blahs too.

    Happy Easter! Your chicken sounds very good. I am putting pork spareribs, sausage and chicken legs in the crockpot. I dunno what I will cook with it.


  6. Ava must have a pot bigger than mine. I have a roast in mine. 🙂

    Brought one lily home so if daughter gives it to son he can take it back to Austin with him. The other in Jason’s memory we will have to pick up next week.

    Have a nice relaxing day. Pat Dolly a couple times for me. 🙂

  7. ~ Sil in Corea

    Started raining Saturday evening and has continued to drizzle and mizzle all day and evening for Easter. I got out my giant tie-dyed cotton shirt ( it could be worn as a dress, goes to my knees) so’s to look sorta festive and gala. But wore wooly pants with it, as the gusty wind was cold. Ham was good, made a milk gravy for the veggies flavoured with onions and basil. Grapeseed oil is much lighter in taste than olive (and also heart-healthy), so that’s what I used to saute the veggies.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday!

    Hugs from Asia,
    ~ Sil

  8. I’ll have to try that gGapeseed oil… thanks for the tip, Sil.

    It is in the low 80’s here in southern Arizona, lately … the flowers in my garden are coming out.

  9. …oops! typos rule, I guess …

  10. I like Sil’s idea too of the grapeseed oil – will give it a try, as we only use Olive.

    HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! (even if I’m coming in here late and the day is almost done.

  11. Easter morning here in northern NY dawned sunny (yay!) but only 8 degrees F (BOO!). Time for some Somerset weather….

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