A shaggy grass story

Monday March 24, 2008

That’s Easter done for another year, then.  We still have today as a Bank Holiday in England and Wales.  Not sure about the rest of the world. I confess I’m only mildly interested; certainly not enough to check my Almanac.

I’ve just been watching the ceremony from Olympia, live on BBC TV, igniting the Olympic flame at the start of its journey to the 2008 Games in China.  Didn’t watch all of it of course; boring speeches in languages I don’t understand tend not to keep my attention long.

I was, of course, wowed at the thought that I was seeing the heart of Ancient Greece, still beating steady after all these years.  It’s a pity they had to hire actresses to play the part of the priestesses but, even though they were close by the temple of Hera, it may be that the real priestesses were busy, or on holiday, or don’t have the required actors’ union cards.

The thing that really bothers me, though, is that the Greek authorities did such a lousy job of cutting the grass.  Nicely mown grass has a lot to do with civilisation.  Leastways, it does for me.


7 responses to “A shaggy grass story

  1. Morning, John.

    No holiday here today – ‘cept the kids are still on Easter vacation from school.

    ‘Nicely mown grass’… now you’ve got me thinking again of your lovely grass and my struggling barely green blades here! 😉

    Morning! Your grass is further back in the season, is all! Snow does nasty things to grass but it soon recovers. 😀

  2. Well, Friday was a school holiday in our school district here in Rhode Island (and I think in most of the other school districts around here) but it was was not a “bank holiday” (because I had business with my bank and they were open) nor was it a federal holiday (our mail was delivered). Nor is today a holiday of any kind. Local schools are open today (school scheduling being purely a local option as long as they get in the total number of days mandated by the state).

  3. Holiday here in Ireland banks, government and the lot…

  4. I’ve no idea what the banks are doing here, betting open.

    Our day started with a trip to the vet with Max. He flew out of the room just as son was preparing to leave and I’m afraid the dog did get hold of him. I was surprised he was still alive this morning.

  5. Friday and today are both bank and school holidays. Today’s not a work holiday, though. I’m back at it and lusting after your grass, John.

  6. Our grass was covered by 4″ of new snow on Saturday last. Looking forward to the need to mow. You are right… un-mown grass just looks messy.

  7. Public holiday here in Scotland.

    but Kwik-Fit was open, so were all the supermarkets, most of the big shops, garden centres etc etc.

    Looks like only Government-run stuff actually stops for a Public Holiday these days. Because they need the extra time off! Aye, right.

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