Sitting in the corner

Thursday March 27, 2008

Sometimes I wake raring to go.  Sometimes I don’t.  Most times it’s something in between.

It ought to be a raring to go day today.  I slept well enough and long enough and woke with so little pain it might as well have been no pain at all.  I could be all energetic and bouncy, quite easily, but I fear that Graham would take it amiss–he’s not feeling entirely chipper today.

So I shall sit in my kitchen corner with Dolly, we’ll have a nice little bit of breakfast, and then we’ll see what the rest of the day brings.

I’ve been reading through old journals.  Really old journals.  Ye gods and little fishes but what a whingeing little shit I used to be.  Age hasn’t treated me too kindly on the physical side but at least it’s taught me not to whinge, to take what comes, and, when nothing much comes, to wait patiently until it does.

I’m not too convinced about these old journals of mine.  Can’t shred ’em, of course, but I think I shall try to remember not to read through them again.  I suppose I ought to have gone through them to pull out an extract of interesting bits some years back while I still had the energy and urges for such heavy work.  Now, well, I don’t think I shall bother.  I’d rather go sit in my kitchen corner.  Or in the sun, if it shines.


10 responses to “Sitting in the corner

  1. My Grandfather used to say: ‘Too soon old – too late smart’.

    ( Although it sounded better when he said it with his German accent.) 😉

  2. I think you also learn, as you grow older, that nobody really wants to hear your whingeing. Hard explaining that to a 20 year old.

  3. what ages were you in the years you were reading back through John?

    Pre-21, Lou 😀

  4. You are worried, Lou? 🙂 I’m now in a phase where I’m angry about the fact that noone wants to hear my whingeing! 🙂

  5. Oh, if only the sun were shining here again today. I love sitting in the sunshine.

  6. Does whine fit the same definition of complain? If so I’m in deep doo. 🙂

    Think maybe I’ll take a look at the old journal print outs and perhaps shred them. I doubt the kids will ever want to read them. On second thought I can’t lift the box now.

    Don’t shred ’em, Bonnie. If you do that there will be a great empty itch in your memories when you get old, with no way to scratch it… 🙂

  7. pre 21 whinging is par for the course, it’s one of the most rapid phases of learning and brain growth – and you’re full of hormones and lacking experience, what a bloody mixture. Don’t be too hard on the poor guy, lol. The funniest old diaries of mine are from when I was 13ish – I LOVED my karate teacher, love now, not fancied, I was in Love. Bless.

  8. I have to confess. In a way I was grateful that my big house burned to the ground and my earliest journals with it. I never have to read that misery again. I just scanned all the drawings and photos from the old journals I do have, without reading them, boxed them all up and put them in storage. Out of sight; out of mind. Hurrah.

  9. That’s a really nice thought. I snipped out a piece of this to post on my site, with an acknowledgement and link back to you, of course. I hope that’s okay.


  10. I have two principal reactions after a session with the old diaries: dry-mouthed horror at the callowness and crassness of the earlier model followed by smug relief at present wisdom and circumspection!

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